Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ya hear?

1950's Howdy Doodey scarf (Heirloom)
1950's Red/White checkered top (Estate Sale, $5- has matching skirt)
1990's Jean skirt (Friended, thanks Lea!)
Pea green tennies

Sorry Lindsay!  Couldn't cut you out of this one!  Alright, so, this outfit looks super cute in real life- but doesn't really transfer in photos... shoot.  Oh well!  I'm almost done sewing my outfit for tomorrow, so I'll look forward to that :).

One of my favorite people ever, Lindsay, came to hang out with me at the store for a few hours :).  We started out coffee, and then she came back to play some dress-up! 

Over the weekend I went to a great estate sale (a little pricey, but worth it).  I found a 50's outfit, a couple pairs of awesome shoes from the 60's, and a few outfits from the 40's- they are REALLY beautiful.  One of the 40's outfits is a navy wool cropped jacket with a matching navy wool circle skirt with buttons down the front.  Ugggghhhh, FALL PLEASE COME SOON!  I'm dying to wear it. 

The next couple pics are from Chad's (Jimmy's brother) birthday pool party.  Yeah, everyone was outside swimming, but I have a couple good ones :).

(Adam & Dez.  She has on an "Oh! Darling Vintage" shirt :).  What a great picture!)

Haha, I love this one.  No one but Dez knew it was coming.  Geez. 

I had a great weekend, and am still trying to get back in the swing of things (don't know why, but this weekend felt longer than usual). 

See ya tomorrow!  ally. 

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  1. Your sneaker outfits are always so retro and frickin amazing! Love your look!