Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Telephone Man.

1960's Telephone charm (Estate Sale, $.10)
1950's Handmade Floral Dress (Estate Sale, $1)
1970's Bass Sandals (Thrifted)

This is another dress that I purchased from the Estate sale last weekend.  She was a fantastic seamstress!  This dress actually has/had several stains.  And if there's one thing I've learned over the years, even if it has a TINY stain, don't buy it, because it will never, ever come out!  Well, I just couldn't pass this dress up, so I soaked the stains in remover for 4-5 hours, and they almost all came out!  Wooohooo!  There is still discoloring there (right on the chest, of course), but it really isn't noticeable anymore; so glad I got it anyway.  I mean, it was $1, so not buying it really wasn't an option. :)

Oh, this telephone charm is so cool!  I love the mauve color :).  It's a beautiful day here where I am; 83 to be exact, with a nice breeze...  I think this calls for a bike ride after work :).  I got a new bike last summer for my birthday, which I adore.  I'm 5', so finding a bike isn't the easiest thing in the world.  After searching the web for a while, I landed on the 'Coco' (I think from Amazon?).  It looks vintage, but has multiple gears, and is targeted toward the height challenged.  Nice.  And, it was only about $200 bucks, including shipping.  In the next year or two I'm definitely going to upgrade since I would like to start doing longer distance riding, and be able to keep up with those folks with $2000 bikes! 

Tomorrow I'll be showing you a dress I've been working on the last couple days made out of 'candlewicking' fabric from the 1800's.  I actually finished it this morning, but it could fit a little tighter in the bodice area, so I'm going to fix that tonight and then take the opportunity to make a little bow belt to go with it.  Can't wait!

(Headless Hopper.)

My actual computer is still being taken over by a virus, so still can't add music :(.  Does anyone ever even listen to music bloggers post??  I admit, I probably only do 25% of the time...  Won't this dress be pretty in fall, with some gloves/hat/tights?  I'm itching to wear my long sleeve dresses and tights people!!!!

Alison from 'Cry Baby' is so hard to find pictures of, geez!  This dress reminds of her :).  See you tomorrow, ally.

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