Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Audrey + Dale Cooper = Forever.

1940's pincurled hair
1980's does 1960's dress (Thrifted at Goodwill, $6)
1970's Red velvet platforms (Thrifted at Goodwill, $8)

I had to snag this dress... shoulder pads and all.  Like I have said before, I love Dolly/C. Love/Audrey Horne style, and this satin bowed number fit the bill beautifully.  Hey!  Went to my favorite lesser-known thrift stores, and they had a bunch of "free" bins.  Nice!  Among other things, I found a 1970's southwest bathroom set, and a cool 70's crocheted wall hanging thing. 

These shoes rock.  I feel like Ziggy Stardust.  And yes, I mean a man in drag. 

Just joking, I feel completely girly in this outfit.  But hopefully it comes off as ironic as I'm going for :). 

Hair!  Lats night I pin curled my hair, which takes about 20 minutes.  I use those little mini silver clamp clips; don't use bobby pins or you will have creases in all of your curls!  Curl the hair around your finger, then curl it toward your head, and clip it.  Wrap a scarf around your head like your a 50's housewife, and go to sleep.  Then, wake up, take out the clips, and brush out until you reach your desired hair style (about 5 min.).  Spray.  I would suggest just watching a youtube video on 40's hair- easier seen than said. 

Man, when I was little I wanted literally ANYTHING that was patent leather.  And I still do :). 

This hairstyle really is flattering on anyone, and makes any outfit look like a million bucks!  All together, I spent $14 and 30 minutes to buy/put together this whole look.  Now that makes my day :)

I will leave you with the Peggy Lee song "Black Coffee" which coupled with Audrey, inspired this outfit. 
<3 Ally


  1. The little black bow makes it. Very sharp dress also.

  2. I love the hair and the dress. It is all good. :)