Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Navy Beans.

1970's "World's Oldest Rodeo" Tshirt (Mom's)
1970's US Navy Bell-bottoms (Chicago Vtg. Store, $16)
Wallabees' (Thrifted, Bonnaroo '08, $12?)
1970's Round purse (SVDP, $.50)
'The Runaways' pin

So, I made this comprehensive list of things to talk about.  I forgot it at home.  It's a pretty blah day on my front; hope yours is going better.  Yesterday, I got a parking ticket, had bank trouble, our guitar/keyboardist quit, etc., etc.  Ahhh, life.  :)  I'm pretty determined to keep these things on the surface (where they should stay), and drink my coffee, and get motivated. 

I would like to talk about consciousness for a second.  I've always felt that there is something more, a collective being between human beings (of course, this is obvious, but I think it's been beaten out of us mentally).  Lately, well in the past couple of years, I believe our collective consciousness is growing.  There is such a restlessness to a life that isn't enlightened, and I feel that everyone, even if subconsciously, feels it.  That hole that seems to never be filled.  No matter how many things we buy, how much money we make.  The things we are taught that are supposed to make us happy, don't.  I personally think that's why so many people turn to drugs, and addictions of all kinds.  I believe that the only way to fill this gaping hole is to turn inward.  To find comfort in ourselves, and the earth, the happiness, the suffering and death.  Basically, the human condition.  Existentialism, in essence is the human condition, which in turn really just takes away the need to even use that word to begin with (thank you Sarter).  Anyway, I very much hope that in my lifetime there will be a widespread awakening of sympathy for one another, a natural brother/sisterhood.  An awakening of love, understanding, sympathy for our neighbors, and living a life of peace.  
That being said, I work on these things everyday.  And saying them out loud/writing them is very therapeutic for me.  So, thanks for listening :). 

I had been looking for a pair of Navy sailor pants (that fit) forever!  After I wore them a few times, I started questioning how flattering they are, and kind of put them out of my mind for a while.  But they aren't bad!  I think they fit pretty well! 

I got these shoes at Bonnaroo a couple years ago, when I had only brought a pair of flip flops, and the whole place turned into a mud pit.  I was so excited to find these in a little thrift stand for so cheap!  These are the kind of shoes I want, but would never buy in an actual store- so it was perfect! 

And of course, I had to wear my 'Runaways' pin.  I love them, and I loved the movie too- I wasn't expecting too much from it, so I was pleasantly surprised :). 

I was listening to an old Howard Stern show the other day that featured Rodney Dangerfield.  I love him so much!  It was kind of a sad interview, which made me miss him even more, but I chalked it up to why I always liked him so much: he seems very genuine, and there is just an air of honesty to him that I always really loved.  While it was on, Jimmy and I were driving back from visiting my mom.  It was a little after dusk, and obviously about to storm.  To my right (I wasn't driving), there was a GIANT, fluffy, white cloud, that contained a storm inside of it!  Have you ever seen this?  I hadn't, and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!  There were lightning strikes every couple of seconds, left and right, only inside of the cloud, which illuminated it in the otherwise deep blue and purple sky.  Very cool.  
See you tomorrow, ally.

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