Thursday, August 4, 2011

the Juliana Theory.

1990's 'Juliana Hatfield' concert T, sewn to fit (Ebay)
1970's Plaid Bells (NC vtg. store, $18)
Blue tennies

Juliana Hatfield is awesome.  I love her.  I finally got to see her in Lexington a couple years ago, right after her book came out (which I loved), and she's great live.  We got a hotel, were able to walk to the show, and got right up front :).  The place was small, so I was able to meet her and get my book signed (I felt like a total nerd).  I mustered the courage, and she was VERY nice, and even commented on my shirt.  I was wearing an 'Only Children' band shirt, which was one of her band members husbands band.  She was gracious, easy to talk to and awesome.  I even got a picture with her!  Anyway, as you know, some "rock stars" are real assholes.  So, naturally, I gave up EVER talking to anyone in a band, because I hate to be disappointed, and prefer to keep their music separate from their attitudes. 
Bottom line:  she rocked.  Musically and personally. 

My pc is in the middle of battling a virus- so I'm stuck with using Jimmy's mac.  For some reason I can't add video (?) onto my blog?  Argh, hopefully it will be fixed soon :).

I've been meaning to make this shirt fit for years!  I've lost it countless times, and so this morning I got up and sewed it up :).  Thank god I finally did, because the graphic is so cool.  

Since I can't add video, buy the song, "you are the camera".  You won't be disappointed.  


  1. Ahh!you rock! I love Juliana. As a 90's kid growing up in Boston I followed so many great Boston musicians. Juliana being one of them. I also had the great experience of working at Newbury Comics (record store) and meeting her : )

  2. That's awesome! Always love to meet a fellow JH lover, they don't come around too often!!

  3. I met her also in Boston. Walking down the street in Kenmore Square. I was skating through the traffic and we both just skated up to her and told her she was hot. She smiled and said, "You guys too".
    We laughed and kept on skating.

  4. OMG OMG!! The plaid pant with the seafoam tennies is SO AWESOME!! i'm lovin' it!!