Wednesday, August 24, 2011


1970's Cotton blend Fabric
Halter & Skirt:  Made By Me
1970's Bass Sandals (Thrifted)

Hey!  I finally elongated that halter top I told you about a few weeks ago..  and I think it worked out great!  This fabric belonged to my friend Lindsay's grandma; which she gave me, along with a pile of equally cool 60's/70's prints.  I love a thick/stiff cotton; it's easier to sew, and doesn't wrinkle every time you move an inch :). 

As for top (before I made it longer), I used a pdf found on etsy :

It's only 5 bucks, and and an easy piece to get done in one night (although, it did take me quite a bit longer than 4 hours the first time).  She has a blog as well, and just released a $5 vintage inspired bathing suit pdf.  Be sure to check it out! 

I watched the 90's 'Lolita' this morning (thus the braided do).  God, Dominique Swains' wardrobe is amazing in that movie!  Oh yeah, last night we watched 'Cracks', which stars Eva Green.  It takes place in an all girls boarding school- with Eva being the cool, well traveled, younger teacher that the girls idolize.  It's a dark thriller of sorts; I enjoyed it, but it isn't a movie I would watch again.  If you have netflix, I would recommend it :). 

So, 'coincidence' was the word of the day for me yesterday.  We had a small earthquake while I was at work, and I was SO excited to tell Jimmy when I got home.  Fast forward 8 hours.  Right before the next 'Northern Exposure' episode started, I paused the show and finally, excitedly told him about the earthquake, followed by random weird coincidences that happened to me during the day.  After the stories, I un-paused the show, and about a minute into it, there was an earthquake (on the show), haha.  Then, the rest of the show was about one of the main characters coincidences.  Weird right?  What great timing!  I love when I have days like that!  It feels like everything has already happened, and we're just living through it again (<-- haha, requires more time to talk about than I have right now).  :)

Alright people, my Vietnamese addiction has taken on a life of its own.  Seriously, I ate there 3 times last week, and that was holding back.  :).  Geez!  I can't believe I forgot- you remember the 'playing hookie' post about a week ago?  While we were getting Vietnamese, 'Man vs. Food' was there at the outside table reviewing the restaurant.  Haha, we walked by like 4 times- and saw a camera crew in the distance hanging out (they were taking a break from filming), and didn't put it together.  Although, I don't watch the show, it was still cool :). 

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