Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Do you ever have a particularly enlightening life changing experience, where your body feels free of the shackles of itself?  Then you pass by a mirror, and you remember, "Oh this is my body.  This is my face.  This is my reality."  What a strange moment. 
There are times that I feel so shackled by my physical body.  Not in the way of weight, or any other frivolous description, but in a way that seems to stunt my mental development.  I often wish that I could be invisible, and float through the world being unacknowledged as the person other people think I am/could be/should be.  To be invisible, and just experience nature.  To feel like an animal who is free of the thoughts that make humans so trivial. 
The older I get, the less amused I am with the daily goings-ons of the world around me.  Eating, drinking, bars, eating, drinking, blah, blah, blah.  It seems like such a boring way to live..  I find myself craving adventure!  Craving interpersonal ponderings and just "deeper" conversation in general.  I want to learn things, and I want to teach things!
I've never fully been able to identify with a lot of people around me (maybe noone does?).  This, I know, does not make me unique.  I am only one of millions that feel this way every day. 
Growing up, I found that most people seemed to lack compassion, and were completely unaware of the world around them, let alone other people.  That being said, I have met beautiful people in my life, people who inspire me to grow and advance in ways I couldn't imagine.  So my statement, even though a little harsh, I believe describes way too many people on this earth right now.  Unfortunately, it seems like more of these negatively charged people exist than the latter.  And those people seem to making the decisions that affect our earth, our media and our daily life. 
Why is this? 
I believe it's a lack of community, and a lack of love and respect.  Love in general.  Parental love, peer love, and love from our own psyche. 
With the breaking down of communities, we also saw the end of "holding ourselves to a certain standard" (on larger scales).  Being held accountable for our actions- small or large.  And we also lost the feeling of accomplishment that came from having a unique set of skills that helped the community/tribe/society flourish and sustain itself.  Pride.
No, there are no answers and none of this matters.  But I think it's nice to share these kinds random thought outpourings, because I know someone out there is feeling the same way :). 
Have a great day, and do something nice for someone <3.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

for the HOME.

On lazy days, I'll walk to the book store by the shop, sip on a cup of coffee and lose myself in magazines for a couple of hours.  While perusing Vogue Living, I came across my hypothetical dream home.  Behold!
Ahh, I'm so in love with it's deconstructed beauty..  The colors, and handmade pieces are all so deliberate, yet seem so nonchalant and organic.
The residents and creators of this home are 2 visual artists by the names of Genevieve Carrol and Bill Mosley.  So lovely.
While we're building my dream home, let's go ahead and throw in this glass walled kitchen surrounded by forest.
And hang this photograph by Cari Wayman on the wall.
Then we'll finish it off with a fire in the backyard overlooking a lake. 
Hey, one can dream right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


1960's VERA top   -  Chicago Vtg. Store, $10 
Black Levi's  -  $20
Velvet Black Flats

Oh man, this top rocks hard.  I've been looking for tops constantly, and finally the vintage gods have heard my cries.  I actually almost walked out of the store without seeing it, can you imagine?  

I want to wear this shirt everyday.  Forever. 
But really, it's super thin and soft, and is the perfect size/length/etc.  It has stains all over it, but whatever!  I'm thinking I should make a pattern out of this and make more..  hmm.  

I'm digging this look- black peg legs, ballet flats & braids.  I'm feeling like a 1960's off duty ballerina.  I have no idea why, haha, but that's the feel.  

It's weird.  Since I'm more curvy and short, I usually tend to stay away from tent-like tops and dresses as they look like maternity wear, but lately I'm changing my tune!  I've tried on a few A-line Mod dresses, and I'm feeling like they're looking pretty flattering.  Who woulda thought?  

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling so LAZY lately- mentally and physically.  I don't want to do anything AT ALL.  I hate feeling this way..  I don't even want to sew!  :(  And funk only breeds more funk, so hopefully I'll snap out of it soon and join the world again.  

Oh my god- the Ty Segall show is coming up soon!!  I'm so excited for a Rock & Roll show!!  Every show I've seen lately is so calculated- I'm in need of some raw energy.  Stat.  


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, hellllooo!  

Ah, Venice Beach.  So much to live up to, what with 'Muscle Beach' and 9,000 portrayals in movies...  I must say, it was okay.  Most definitely just for tourists- unless you want a medical Marijuana card, then you're in luck, because there is a place to procure one about every 2 feet, haha.  I was expecting a very wide, huge street of performers, etc.  It in actually, is a pretty thin street, lined with tourist t-shirt shops.  There were performers here or there, but overall, not at all what I was expecting.  Glad I got to see it in person though!  

Ahh-nold was there too.  To welcome us.

I snapped this alien pic for Jimmy- we had been, ahem, making our way through 'Roswell'. 
 -Don't judge us.  You will make your way there in your desperate search for new shows to watch on Netflix one day. :)-

We ate lunch in Venice at 'Cafe Gratitude' (Raw Vegan), and dear god, was it AWESOME!  I've been reading about that restaurant for years, and it was totally worth the wait.  I had a Ceaser Salad, and a Mint Chocolate Chip (cacao) shake...  It was the best Salad and Shake I've ever had, hands down.  I will be dreaming of that meal for years to come.

After Venice Beach, we headed over to Santa Monica- which was GORGEOUS.  It was so pretty, and even the air had a different feel from Venice Beach.  Yeah, there wasn't much to see or do (unless your into eating fish and riding the ferris wheel), but even just being on the pier and looking at the ocean/mountains/beach was such a fun experience! 

Oh yeah, and did you know that the Ferris Wheel is one of the only solar-powered ones in existence?  Pretty cool, eh?

My Mom and I on the pier- check out that awesome sailboat!  Perfect timing :).

Oh yes- dinner outfit shots!  

First up-

Braided Hair
Orange Lipstick
1950's Cashmere Sweater w/ bow at neck -  Yard Sale, $2
High waisted Polka Skirt -  Yard Sale, $1
1980's Bright Blue Spike Heels -  Casablanca (Cincy), $6

Love this outfit!  Looked a million times better in person.  The tight "sweater" skirt is actually pretty flattering, who woulda thought?

We went to a place called 'Genos'.  It had just the vibe we were looking for- dim lighting, and good wine.  The food was pretty good (they had a vegan brownie, yum!), but the ambience was what I remember most.  

The next day was our Vintage Store extravaganza!  We went to tons.  And, I can happily say, that they don't rival our Cincinnati & NKY stores in terms of merchandise at all.  It was all pretty run of the mill. Except, of course, the gorgeous designer/couture stores that we entered.  Yeah, it was cool to see the stuff, but really, it just makes you want things you can never, ever have, so we quickly left.  There were some really reasonably priced stores such as 'American Rag', and then there were a few that I expected...  You know the places, $200 for a 1970's tank top you could find in Goodwill any day of the week, lol.  

The best, best place we went unexpectedly, was a Flea Market on Santa Monica Blvd!  Oh man, it rocked so hard!!!  Vintage everything as far as the eye could see.  I was mostly looking for jewelry, and jewelry did we find!  I found an amazing silver and turquoise bracelet that I never want to take off pretty much immediately (as did my Mom).  It was def a highlight of the trip :).  

We ate at 'M Cafe' for lunch (mostly vegan), which was yummy.  And then we were off to 'EVO Kitchen' for dinner, we we ate DELICIOUS pizzas and drank more wine :).  

This is what I wore:

Flower adorned Bun 
1970's Amber drop Earrings  -  Remade by me, Thrifted originals, $.50
Orange/Red lipstick
1970's Super thin, super hippie Maxi  -  American Rag, $18 
1970's Wedges  -  Vtg. Store, $8

Ok so, when they say you need a car in LA, they ARE NOT lying.  Since, the taxi's are $4.50 a mile (good lord), we had to take up using the bus system.  I've never learned a bus system before, so it was a pretty interesting experience!  LOTS O' PLANNING.  

Oh yeah, we found a favorite Breakfast spot almost instantly, called 'Swingers Cafe'.  We ended up eating there 3 times, haha.  It was great!  I was able to eat the Banana Pancakes, and got this Quinoa/Spinach/Black Bean Burrito with a Red/Hot sauce on top twice..  Yum..  I can still taste it now!

On our last day, we went over the 'Silverlake', which is the "in" neighborhood right now.  There were a couple vintage stores, but nothing too exciting.  BUT, for dinner we went to a place called 'Mohawk Bend' which was perfect for a last meal.  It's in an old Movie Theater, and we were sat in this really cool indoor/but outdoor looking section with super high ceilings and a fireplace.  The ambience was perfect!  We drank some awesome craft beers, including my current favorite, the "Enjoy by 9.21.12" (which I'm going to search out tomorrow when we are in Chicago).  The food rocked.  For an app, my Mom ordered this Watermelon, cucumber,  jicama, cherry tomato, radish, pickled fennel, & shiso plate, and I got the "Bangers & Mash" for the first time ever (Lentil Sausage, Mashed Potatoes, Cabbage, Kraut and Mustard Sauce).  Mohawk Bend & Cafe Gratitude were my two favorite meals for sure!  Although, man, all the food was delicious.  

Our view from the Rooftop of our Hotel.  

It was a great trip!  I'm glad I got to see "LA", but next time I think I'll go for a more green area, like San Diego or San Francisco :).  


Thursday, August 16, 2012


1950's Rayon Print Dress  -  thrifted, $4.50
1940's Hair Combs  -  Grandma's, $0
Black Velvet Flats 

Found this dress yesterday while out thrifting- it is soooooo comfortable.  I love how subdued the colors are, and adore the button down bodice.  It's not the most flattering dress I've ever worn, but damn it, sometimes that has to fall by the wayside :).  

My Los Angeles trip is Creeping (and I mean inching, very slowly) up a little closer everyday.  I'm REALLY trying to not get excited yet, but my resolve is pretty much gone...  I'm SO PUMPED!  Even though I've never even been to California, I've long decided that it's the place for me.  I'm hoping I'll hate it (yeah right, ha!), and be content with living in my current city for a few more years...  Who am I kidding?  I'm going to fall head over heels and never come back!  

Obvously, I've been researching the area to death, and have every Vintage Store and Vegan Restaurant on lock down :).  Oh man... the food!  There are a few places I've been reading about for years that I'm pretty pumped to try.  Cafe Gratitude, and Real Food Daily come to mind.  As for Vintage stores, I'm can't wait to check out Wasteland, Jet Rag, American Rag, and the likes.  Thankfully my Mom is into the same stuff I am (i.e music, vintage and bars as opposed to "sightseeing"), so we'll be hitting all the famous Rock & Roll spots from the 60's-70's, famous bars (Roxy, Viper Room, etc.), and Laurel Canyon.  

Okay, I've got to stop for now or I won't be able to physically make it through the next week :). 

So, I finished our new Sandwich Board for the shop this morning, and it's def working!  We've had a ton of people in today.  I included a picture of it at the bottom of the post.  I looked FOREVER and couldn't find one cheaper than $70 (are you kidding?)..  We toyed with the idea of making one, but then I found a vintage kids chalkboard for $3 which ended up to be perfect!  Totally worth the wait.  Anyway, I had to paint one whole side, but the other side is a chalkboard- although, I'll probably end up fixing that up too.  The sides are hand drawn.  Love <3.

So, I know I professed my love for Ty Segall in my last post- and I have to say, my obsession only keeps growing.  Ahh, I can't listen to anything else :).  "Melted" was my first purchase, but I've been digging his collaboration with "White Fence" called Hair.  So many great things to look forward to!  LA, Ty Segall, the Southgate House re-opening.. couldn't come at a better time; I need some mind-unclogging.  


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outfit Fails & a New Love.

Ahh, yes.  So many outfit fails that will never reach the light of your laptop.  These are the 2 most recent ones. 
No, the outfits sadly did not translate to film, but I still found some cool pieces!

New----->1970's Navy Daisy Shorts  - thrifted, $1
1970's Daisy Tooled Leather Belt -  thrifted,   $2
1990's Sandals -  thrifted,  $2

I FINALLY found some sandals- praise the shoe gods!  It only took me over a year, and countless (and I mean countless) hours in thrift stores, but I finally snagged a pair that I like, and most of all FIT.  -Sigh of relief-

Of course, the entire sole came off the first day I wore them, but they've been 'Shoe Gooed' and are as good as new :).  

1970's Poly Bird Print Tank,  yard sale $2

Yeah, the awesome bird print definitely does not translate.  Too bad- it's a pretty cool print.  

It's strange how much a photo changes the way you look at your clothing.  Cher had it right, what with her computer/polaroid way of choosing her outfits.  

I've fallen in love folks.  

with TY Segall.  
Oh man, I'm obsessed.  


FUDGE....  So good.  
I haven't found I new singer/band I've liked this much in a while; and I certainly needed it.  

To my surprise, he is currently on tour, and is coming to Nashville in September!  Yeessssss.  I haven't had the option to see a band I love in a long while, so I'm super pumped to make the drive!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to be VEGAN and still have Friends.

Vegans get a pretty bad rap don't they?  

I've found that even someone just finding out I'm vegan, even if I don't say one word about it, can elicit some pretty intense feelings, hateful or otherwise.  

Here is a helpful list of tips for navigating a Meat Eating world.

1.  Don't complain!  

I find that people really love to think that you aren't eating what you WANT to be eating.  They want to know that you are suffering without eating meat and cheese.  Avoid saying things like, "I can't eat that", and replace them with the positive opposite, "I don't eat that", or just "No thanks!".

2.  ALWAYS eat something before you go out to eat (restaurant or dinner party).

I never, ever go out to eat at a new restaurant without eating a little something first.  Even if it looks like there are vegan options, you just never know.  Don't ever put yourself in a situation where you are starving.  Starving = Unhappiness.  Never let them see you squirm!
As for dinner parties, eat something small before, and bring a dish to share- which brings me to my next ...

3.  Only bring your BEST dishes to a Dinner party.

You want everyone at your party to see that vegan food is normal food!  It's just not Dairy or Meat (which is only 2 food groups of many).  You want everyone to love your dish so much that they consider the fact that Vegan dishes can be just as good!  :) 

4.  Never expect anyone to Cater to your eating habits.

Are you going to bring a steak to dinner just because someone there eats meat?  No.  So why should they cater to your veggie love?  Don't expect anything- always be prepared!  

5.  Get your Facts straight.  

Some people love to fight with someone who stands for something.  Plain and simple.  For some people, you simply stating a preference = you telling them that they are terrible person, and you hate them.  No, this is not at all LOGICAL, but it's life.  SO, just keep a little bank of statements/counter arguments in the back of your mind that you can easily access.  Which brings me to my next point...

6.  Don't Freak Out!

The general public sees Vegans as being angry.  Even if they've never met one.  Don't let yourself be a statistic!  If you must enter an argument about food, try your very best to put forth your BEST self, and do not get flustered or angry.  This is what SOME people want.  They want to have another excuse to hate a whole sect of people. 

7.  You cannot CHANGE anyone.

When you make the decision to become vegan, it's usually because you do a ton of research and find out just how much ugliness lies beneath almost EVERYTHING in the food/fur/clothing industry.  So you make the decision to not contribute to that ugliness.  These new found facts burn a whole in your brain, and you think, "if everyone knew about this, they would surely stop too!"  Unfortunately, you will find that this is just not  true...  Your words will fall on deaf ears.  And the louder you try to scream them, the less people will HEAR you.  

How do you feel when someone tries to PUSH information on you?  You turn away.  This is no different.  Plus, everyone has to hear the right information at the right time for them to have that "aha" moment.  

Instead, if you want to talk about it, keep it casual.  And only talk about things that pertain to the conversation.  Just be generally respectful to the person you are conversing with, as you would in any other situation!

and finally...

8.  Have Confidence!

You reserve the right to eat whatever you want.  Having confidence in your morals and ideals takes practice, and will strengthen with time.  Just do what feels right for you, and stand behind those choices!  There is no negativity to that, unless you make it that way :).  

And remember to have fun with it!   Choosing peace for animals shouldn't mean taking on hate toward humans- hate is hate.  It's never conducive to a resolution.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lone Ranger.


Belated Birthday Pics!

My Mom came up for a day of thrifting and then to dinner at a restaurant called 'The Senate'.  I found this dress earlier that day, and I must say it is one of my favorite dresses I've ever gotten my hands on!  It was a maxi (unfortunately a very unflattering length), so I hemmed it right in time for dinner.  It seriously fits me like a glove :).  Plus, I have tons of fabric left over to make a little top and skirt.  Double score.

1970's Birthday Dress, Thrifted, $7
Nude Platform Sandals, Ebay, $14

1970's Pin dot Blouse, Thrifted, $1
1970's Tapestry Indian Belt, Yard Sale $2
1970's Lee Corduroy Bells, Borrowed from Jimmy, $0
1970's Moccasins, Thrifted, $7

Well, I finally figured out that if I use Safari instead of Firefox, I can use Blogger without wanting to throw my computer out of the window :).  I'm Mac retarded, sigh...  

Wow, this is one cheap outfit, eh?  I've been pretty lazy lately when it comes to outfits.  Mainly, it's been hot.  I'm blaming the weather.  No, but it's days like this that I don't take pictures- maybe it just feels too casual?  But then I realized that perhaps casual days deserve their place too..

Oh, I love this top.  It's super thin, and just sheer enough to feel super comfortable, but not that you have to wear a tank top underneath (which I absolutely always avoid).  It's really nothing special.  But for some reason the little pin dots get me.  I had to cut off the sleeves, which prompted Jimmy to make a crack about me being "too cool for school".  Ha!  Not a fashion choice; I'm a midget, with raptor like arms!  I must dress accordingly.

Yes.  Jimmy and are are basically the same size, but his plethora of pants never 'fit quite right', so it's not often that I can "borrow" (aka steal forever and ever) a pair.  I finally got some, bwahahaahahaaa.

So, I was perusing HelloGiggles this morning; catching up from the weekend, and landed on a short  article on women with mustaches.  I was a little saddened by the fact that the writer and every commenter was of the same opinion:  Wax/Burn/Chemically eradicate it or die of embarrassment.  I looked through the comments hoping for someone to mention that 99% of women have facial hair on their upper lip, and that 100% of humans (we are animals folks) have facial hair.  

When I was in high school, some awesome person made a comment about my upper lip situation, and I was mortified (as most adolescent girls would be).  I quickly went and bought that stupid chemical kit that dissolved the unwanted hair.  And guess what?  That blonde peach fuzz grew back darker.  Awesome.  So, then I decided I would be in for a lifetime of chemicals burning away at my lip.  

Insert time, a million lessons learned, and a love for my body.

To that idea, I say F U!  We all have hair on our faces.  And for the most part, noone ever notices but you.  And if they do, so what?  We aren't freaks of Nature, and I propose that we not feel that way about ourselves!  I stopped using that chemical crap years ago, and embraced my little shadow.  And honestly, I don't ever even think about it.  And if someone else does, they are suffering from far greater issues than I will ever have, so let em.  We should all have our own ideals, not some barbie aesthetic shoved down our throats.  


Oh!  I've recently started doing Pilates, and am so in love!  I love how difficult it is- it makes me feel so strong.  Plus, after every class, I notice muscles in places I didn't know could be tightened, haha.  After another few classes, I'm going to start going to the 'Barre' classes as well; I'm pumped!  

Have an awesome day, Ally.