Tuesday, August 30, 2011


1970's Hair yarn (Thrifted)
1970's Elephant Earrings (Heirloom)
1950's Baby Blue Blouse (Thrifted, $1)
1970's Peach Textured Trousers (Casablanca Vtg., $14?)

Whoa, look at that.  EE, BBB, TT or Peach Pants.  Weird, that doesn't happen often. 

Not to bring you down, but this year hasn't been the best for me.  BUT, with that in mind, it can only get better!  This coming month (well starting yesterday :), I'm holding myself to a daily standard of morning Do-In, lots of Tolle dvd's/cd's, no eating out!, and weekday workouts.  It's funny, I've found that I really enjoy quitting things/testing my will/forcing new habits.  Yeah, I was the total opposite 10 years ago.  Ah, how we change.  :).  Anyway, for the next 30 days I am totally focusing on my mental well being.  I'm putting up an impenetrable barrier around my usually too-sensitive-self, and building from the inside.  And for me, this includes awesome good fresh food (I have an affinity for vegan chicken fingers), and exercise. 

On the lighter side?  Check out my outfit friends!  Looks awesome in person (perhaps not as photogenic as I'd hoped).  Baby blue 50's blouse, which is uber-thin & soft, which I paired with my textured peach trousers.  As for the hair, I just went crazy with that hair yarn I love so much- twists & bows & knots.  In high school, I was a master at ridiculously big, colorful, flamboyant eye makeup, which was different every day.  These days, I keep the makeup to a minimum, but looking back, I'm so glad that I did it because I sure as hell wouldn't now!  Haha, nah, I just don't like the way it feels anymore really.  I can't believe I wore face powder/concealer (whatever you want to call it) for so long!  Eesh.  I guess that's what happens, you go long enough without something and you get to that point I guess :).  Getting off subject!  Just a pre-cursor to the BIG statement: I am wearing blue eyeshadow. 

After having a long talk, with a long time friend, I feel the need to tell you how great Eckhart Tolle's live (dvd/cd) shows are!  If you have read any of his books, and love them, or hate them, I encourage you to watch/listen to "Through the Open Door".  When you read the book, you really miss out on how funny he is- and he is REALLY funny.  Plus, it just feels a million times more effective when you're seeing his facial expressions, or hearing his inflections.  Anytime I am feeling a bit off/nervous or just pensive, I always feel so much better after listening/watching. 

I had a really great weekend!  Our friend Andy came back into town from Las Vegas, and we all had a grand time :).  Other than that, it was basically spent at a 2 day music festival that included one of Jimmy's bands, as well as 'Hot for Alice' (shameless plug for Alicia). 

I had so much to say earlier- then I get on the computer, forget all the "set" things, and start rambling about random things.  Maybe I should start making lists.  Hmm. 

(my grandma, early 60's)

The elephant earrings belonged to my grandma, which I adore!  I'm so thankful to have little things to be reminded of her.  I love, love, love the above picture of her.  There are 4 (my mom has 2, and I have 2), and they are all round, with gilded edging, and housed in turquoise hand painted frames. 


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