Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Polished Cotton.

1970's polished cotton Crop Top (DIY)
Brown Rayon Circle Skirt (DIY)

Platforms (Thrifted, $6)

Got my top done last night!  Followed by an impromptu rayon circle skirt :).  The crop top is the other test bodice for my upcoming dress, and is made of polished cotton- which has QUICKLY become my favorite fabric.  I love fabric that holds me in, and has a thickness to it, but still moves.  And it definitely fits the bill.  Besides, it just looks really cool too.  The rayon brown circle skirt is soon to have some orange-y brown patch pockets in the front. 

Between the multiple storms and my cat knocking over things, I barely slept at all last night- but did spawn some pretty awesome half-conscious outfit ideas :).  Those are the best.  And I actually took the time to sketch them at 4 am, instead of just jotting down weird sleep speak.  Nice. 

So, I read sewing blogs all the time, and hear about "hand rolled hems" constantly.  I thought, hey why not try it on this skirt?  DEAR GOD, it took FOREVER.  I'm sure it gets quicker the more times you do it, but honestly, I'm not sure I can deal with it. Whoa, I think I'll stick to hemming by machine.  That said, I get it.  It makes it look kinda floaty, and all that.  I think the only time I will EVER do it again, is if I am making something out of chiffon/silk/satin.  

Oh yeah, these wrinkles are spawned by me having to fix the air conditioning at the store for 45 minutes before snapping these shots, haha.  This top looks awesome when it's all crisp & ironed :).

Vietnamese!  My friend Lindsay took me to a Vietnamese restaurant last week, and I have wanted it EVERYDAY since.  I'd never had it before, and the tofu was >amazing<.  If you live around here, it's located in 'Findlay Market', but beware: they are closed on Mondays!  Since that night, I've eaten it 4 times, and am having it for lunch today...  heaven. 

Can we talk about how awesome the show, 'Pete & Pete' was for a second?  I watched a couple of episodes from season 2 this morning, and am still pretty much in love.  Thank god I had cool shows to watch growing up...  I feel so bad for kids these days.  Hannah Montana?  Barf.  Bring back some mentally stimulating children shows people!  Seriously, in the 2 episodes I watched this morning, global warming, treating animals with kindness, and pollution were brought up, among other things.  Sigh.  Also, appearances by Iggy Pop (disgruntled dad), Steve Buscemi (counselor), and Janeane Garofalo (teacher).  And, if that wasn't enough, it is just fabulously weird!!!!  


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