Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dead Mouse. (and not the group, either.)

1950's Sequined Sweater (Mom's)
1960's Cat Eye Glasses ($1, Vtg. Store)
1970's Velvet Skirt (Thrifted)
Orange Lips
Green Tights
Black Velvet Flats

Oh man.  So, I noticed we had a little mouse friend in the store a couple weeks ago.  I put out a humane trap for 3 nights with no luck.  Sadly, at this point, he is definitely a goner.  Errr.  The only back room we have is a small bathroom, and I've been dreading the inevitable: having to find and remove him.  Eesh. 

This outfit totally reminds me of the Angela in the Halloween episode of 'My So Called Life'.  If you actually look up the picture, it looks nothing like this (colors, etc.), but it's still giving me the vibe...  Probably the glasses/sweater combo.  Although it's stating the obvious: I LOVED that show when it was on.  I was in 4th grade when it was on air, and it was my absolute favorite show the minute I laid eyes on it.  I ate up every wonderful second.  And, of course, even in 4th grade, I was in love with Jordan (is there a woman out there that wasn't?).  Thank god there was such great tv when I was young! 

I finally watched 'Meeks Cutoff' a couple nights ago- and if you've seen it, you know the irony of the name..  Haha.  It's set in 1845, and the colors/vibe/clothing is wonderful.  It's an interesting movie- I liked it, Jimmy hated it.  I can understand his side completely though.  It's a little anti-climactic, and if you aren't into 'day in the life' kind of thing, then it probably wouldn't be your thing. 

I love this sweater!  It's my Mom's (thanks mom), and I don't wear it very often because I thought it made me look box-ey (I'm short, and don't need any help looking shorter!).  But, after taking the pictures I feel completely different.  :)  Not too shabby. 

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Days.

1950's Plaid scrap fabric (Hair)
1950's Embroidered Sweater (Thrifted, $2)
1970's Orangey Red Bells ($1)
Wallabees (Thrifted, Bonnaroo, $?)

My mom came to town yesterday, so we took a little thrifting trip.  I was mostly shopping for the store, but hey, if a vintage sweater or a pair of trousers popped up, you wouldn't hear me complaining :). 
And a sweater I did find!  My search for a 50's Angora sweater is proving futile- but this is a close runner up- especially for $2.  I love, love vintage initial sweaters; and was SO excited that it was small enough (they are usually pretty huge).  As for the pants, I got them for about $1 a few days ago, and have worn them ever since. 

If you don't already know, 'The Office' is one of my favorite shows.  It actually only rivals Seinfeld in the sense that I could literally watch the reruns every day.  Anyway, I finally got to see the newest episode (from last Thursday) last night, and errr, I'm just not sure folks.  Andy as the boss?  I mean, I love him as an actor, and his character ALOT; but the boss?  It really came out of nowhere.  I guess by the end of the episode, I felt a little more comfortable...  ::Sigh::  Maybe it'll grow on me?

Back to the thifting- I found tons of things for the shop, including a 1940's shearling coat.  Beautiful.  Too bad it doesn't fit!!  There is going to be one lucky lady out there though, that's for sure. 
Mmm, I've been doing lots of cooking and (un)cooking lately :).  A few days ago, I decided that "enough is enough" and titled a page 'The Banana Muffin Project'.  That's right.  I set out on the journey of creating the perfect healthy banana muffin.  No sugar, no oil, all whole wheat, etc.  After some studying and perfecting, I have to say that I succeeded!  They were delicious.  YUM.  And I will post the recipe tomorrow. 

I guess I've had a sweet tooth lately, because I was seriously craving raw brownies yesterday.  They consist of walnuts, dates, cacao/carob, and vanilla.  Dear god.  Eating one of these is like eating heaven.  I kid you not.  I'll post that recipe tomorrow too :). 

Okay, now I've made myself hungry.  Haha.  See you tomorrow people :).


Friday, September 23, 2011

the Blues.

DIY "True Love" heart barrette ($2, 'Fabricate')
Navy Dress ('Mod Cloth', $42, years ago, xmas gift from Mom)
1970's Red Jacket (Thrifted, $6)
1990's Girl Scout Patch (DIY'd into a pin, and earned by me)
Brown Tights
1960's Red, White & Blue Wedges (Etsy, xmas gift from Mom)

Oh, what a morning it has been.  It's been THAT kind of a morning.  A ripped tights, button popping, rainy, cold, bumping into everything kind of a morning.  :)  Now that that's out of the way; check out these awesome shoes!  Damn, right?  From the front they look like your normal bowling-esque shoes, then you turn to the side, and, Bam!  They are perfectly mod wedges.  My mom got them for me for Christmas last year from Etsy; they were only $24 (!?).  Thanks mom!

So, I finally stopped into 'Fabricate', a Cincinnati store that is dedicated to all things hand-made.  I've been missing out!  There were all kinds of goodies in all price ranges (I'm always afraid everything will be WAY out of my price range in these small stores).  I got this rad cushion-ey "True Love" heart hair pin, a plastic Hammerhead shark hair pin, and a cool ring.  Also, they've started to carry some art supplies, so I picked up some much needed white felt; all for $14!  I'd say that's a good deal.  But, you can definitely find some pricier items. 

I found out this morning that I'll be attending 3 Halloween parties this year- score!  I'll take ANY excuse I can get to have multiple costumes :).  I'm making one, and buying the other (it's vintage).  Excited!!!

Remember that 'They Might Be Giants' show I was telling you about?  Well, I actually took a couple pictures!  (Which is no small feat when you are trying to have a good time at an awesome concert). 

The show was at a place called 'The Southgate House', which is located in Newport (where I live).  It's my ALL TIME favorite place to see shows, hands down.  There are 3 floors, all of which have a stage (and often times, there are 3-4 bands on each stage in one night).  Plus, I'm able to walk there, which is one of the reasons we moved to Newport (yeah, I'm serious..haha).  Jimmy's band 'Sweet Ray Laurel' is playing there tonight, so if you live in the area, come out and hang out with me, geez! 
I know, I'm talking your head off today, but the other night I watched a movie called, "Feast of Love", and it was fantastic.  It's one of those movies that follows the lives of several people who are all connected in some way.  Such a beautiful movie.  And, ladies and gentlemen, there is enough nudity for even your boyfriends/you to enjoy!  Haha, just joking.  (Not about the nudity part).  It's a really insightful movie, and makes you feel really grateful for the love in your life. 
Have an awesome Friday.

        What I've been listening to:  The Calcination of Scout Niblett

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


1960's Velvet Beret (Vtg. Store, $?)
1960's Gold Fabric/Green Tablecloth (Etsy, $16 for both)
Dress, Sewn by Me.  (1960's Pattern)
Black Flats

Hey!  I finally made this dress, woohoo!  I had the fabric for a couple weeks, and was a little scared to cut it (so silly).  Sigh.  It's definitely my best dress yet, and think the fabrics go together perfectly :).  I purchased both fabrics on Etsy; the gold being regular fabric, and the green living a former life as a tablecloth.  I searched for about two weeks for a fabric to go with the gold, and the second I saw the green, I knew it was meant to be (yes, I get this serious with fabric, haha). 

Have you ever seen the movie 'Shopgirl'?  Oh, it's a fantastic movie; especially if you are a fan of 'My so Called Life' (includes Claire Danes' inner thoughts).  It was written by Steve Martin, and stars Claire & Jason Schwartzman (two of my FAVORITE actors).  I love the feel of the movie, and is really great to watch in the Fall or Winter...  The part that I'm thinking of specifically, is when Jason's character goes on tour with the band 'Sun Kil Moon'.  Him and the lead singer are in Best Buy looking for music/etc. to listen to on the road.  The lead singer suggests that they buy a bunch of self help cd's, particularly pro-love/self esteem choices.  To this, Jason laughs (he is extremely "immature" in the first half of the movie, pushing Claire into the arms of a much older man), but buys them anyway.  I won't tell you what happens after that, but he is greatly affected by this advice.  I think that brings up such a good point when it comes to men and their relationships with older, wiser men.  The effect of their comments (men who are confident in their own thoughts/beliefs, when it comes to women/enlightenment) seems to be so great, yet few and far between.  But to me, as a woman, and someone who thinks so much that these lessons are more forced/forged personally, I find that way of learning to be really beautiful. 

Oh.  If you listen to NPR, the Diane Rehm show today on gender equality was awesome!  The second half in particular..  Listen here:

So, there is a vegan friendly restaurant in Cincinnati, that I recently learned has a brunch filled with vegan goodies such as 'biscuits & gravy', 'geotta', etc.  Being that I stopped eating meat way before I moved to Kentucky, I had never had biscuits & gravy, or the latter.  I was excited to see what all the hoopla was about, so we went to check it out, and I ordered both.  Dear god.  I seriously ate one biscuit and was full.  Let me just say, that it should be called gravy soup with a couple of floating biscuits, haha.  I have to say, I wasn't too impressed, and can't imagine how heavy I would feel if I actually ate the REAL version.  Whoo.  Sorry B&G lovers out there!  I mean, it was OK, but eh, I just felt really tired after.  That being said, I'm glad I finally got to try it :). 

People, the day has finally come!!!  The 'They Might Be Giants' concert is tonight!  We bought the tickets like 3 months ago, so it's been a long wait.  It's a million times more exciting because the venue is our favorite to see shows at, and is only a few blocks away.  I.  Can't.  Wait.  <3

I'll leave you with some stills from 'Shopgirl', followed by TMBG. 
Have a great day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Joke's on you, Sir.

1980's 'Danskin' Leotard (Thrifted, $2)
1989 Batman Pillowcase
(Thrifted, $ .30)
DIY'd into skirt, made by me. 
Blue tights
Velvet Black Flats

Yep.  I love the skirt...  I did have to make multiple alterations to the side seams- but this was definitely my fault (the angle that I drew the side curved lines).  BUT, overall, yes, I will be making variations of this skirt many, many times. 
My apologies to the readers that caught my post yesterday before I was able to edit it.  (Note to self:  do not publish blog until thoroughly proofread...)  I promise, I'm not a moron!!! 

I love leotards.  Yes, this probably stems from being in gymnastics.  OR did I join gymnastics just to wear the leotards?  Hmmm..  That's definitely a toss up people. 
Honestly, you can do anything in a leotard!  Work out, sleep, clean...  then throw on some bottoms, and you're ready to take on the world!  Just don't wear one to a bar for a night of drinking... 

Good Night Noises (the band I'm in) is still going strong (on a small show hiatus while we regroup), but I'm currently in the process of starting another one!  I'm so pumped!  I'm trying to keep my excitement to myself, since all we are is a singer and a bass player for now.  And we have a name:  Sadie Hawkins.  I find it shocking that it's not already a band name, and have had it in the back of my mind for AGES.  Anywho, if you don't know (but you probably do), Sadie Hawkins is the school dance from the 1950's where the girl asks the guy.  Awesomely fitting for a feminist fueled band :). 

Going to 2 rock shows tonight, and am excited to rev up the hair and makeup 50's style.  I made a mixed cd for the store, and it gets me on an immediate 50's kick every time! 

For the sake continuity, here is the picture of the original pillowcase (pre-frankensteined), as well as my self drafted skirt pattern which was inspired by:  Craft-o-vision!

If you are reading this blog, and live in the area AND play drums or guitar (and any other interesting instrument), you should probably message me! 
<3 ally.