Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everything isn't Black or White.

1950's Silk Scarf (Estate, $.25)
1950's Handmade Cutout Blouse (Estate, $1)
1970's Black Velvet Skirt (Thrifted)
White Cut-Out Flats (Thrifted)

I just realized I have my hand on my waist in just about every picture, haha.  I need to work on this posing business- or lack there of :).  This blouse is pretty much awesome- it's got everything.  Button up back, burnout/cut out fabric, darts at the bust and waist, and it's pretty darn soft too.  It's handmade- another piece from the estate sale (my sewing soul mate).  She had the best style! 

So, I'm mentally gearing up for a jam packed extended weekend- that starts tomorrow.  Everyone and their mother wants to hang out/is having a birthday/etc.  Fun!  Awww, this morning I made a smoothie out of fresh blackberry juice, mango, orange & spinach.  Dear god was it good.  I recommend!  Since opening the store, I've gotten myself into a little coffee rut.  I find myself even wanting it on my days off, so I am cutting myself down to 3 days a week.  It's a little harder than it should be frankly!  I brought extra smoothie, and things to gnaw on, so hopefully I can hold out.  Besides, the last GOOD coffee that's served around me closes at 3pm, so 2 more hours and I'll me good to go :). 

Pin-curled my hair last night- and it turned out kinda meh.  It needs to grow out a little I think...  I tried to cut it myself a couple weeks back, and it occurred to me in the middle of cutting that I had never really tried to give myself a straight haircut.  It was always shaggy/short/high school self-haircuts.  Yeah.  So, I took off more than I wanted, and am pretty sure it's still a little crooked.  (Thus the updo's as of late). 

Love the top, but it is a SERIOUS wrinkle fest.  One a store note- there are so many people that come into the store that seem EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  Hmmm.  Is it the smallish store?  Is it because everything is used?  Probably a combo, I imagine.  Strange.  Then, you have to do a jedi mind trick to figure out if you should talk the whole time, or pretend like you have things to do.  Ha.  People are funny.  Personally, I'm a fan of the no talking when I enter a store.  I mean, "hi, etc" is cool, but the constant following/asking questions is not my thing.  I'll walk around a store 10 times before I'll ask where something is.  :)

Alright- gotta do the 'Outfit of the Day' for the store!  Check our store out on facebook (Oh! Darling Vintage or the admin 'Allycat Darling') if you want to see our OTD's.  They are pretty much posted daily T-S.  See ya, ally.


  1. Your hair looks so cute today! Great outfit!

  2. You look so cute and the hair do is adorable x