Friday, June 24, 2011

Cuts & Stuff.

Hi!  Last night while I was washing dishes, a glass shattered around my hand.  When I came back into the kitchen from cleaning up the numerous cuts, I stepped onto a giant piece of glass that went all the way into the bottom of my foot.  Needless to say, I cannot walk on the foot, and it took me about 10 minutes to put on my slip-on Vans, so yeah, no outfit post today!  Plus, trust me, you do not want to see my sad/hurt/rainy ensemble :). 

In light of the no outfit, I figured I would post some awesome inspiration pictures from movies and such.  Hope you enjoy: 

-The Doom Generation-
(The first time I saw this movie, the following few hours were spent scouring the internet for a vintage -stylish- clear raincoat.  Didn't happen, but it was probably for the best.)

-The Sandlot-
(It is funny to me that the mass majority still believes that one piece bathing suits are frumpy- if done the right way, they are a million times hotter if you ask me.  Love this scene in the movie :)

-But I'm a Cheerleader-
(Every scene in this movie is eye candy- I want to kiss the wardrobe designers feet.)

(So cool.)

-Welcome to the Dollhouse-
(Love this outfit.  Love this movie.  It was probably my first "weird" movie, and I have been hooked ever since.)

-Water Lilies-
(French, and great.  It has a 'Dreamers' feel to it, but not.  Haha, it is definitely worth seeing.)

(One of Jolie's first movies.  Great for girls night :).  Not to be confused with "Foxfire".  Trust me, there is quite a difference.)

The worst part about this whole thing, is that the 70's skating party was tonight, which I was really pumped about.  I guess it's back to "Twin Peaks" for me :/.  In the past couple days I've made some awesome finds that I cannot wait to show off- red velvet 70's platforms ($8), a pair of 60's silver glitter shoes ($1), and a pair of 50's/60's bow shoes ($1).  Ask the thrift universe for vintage shoes, and you shall receive :). 

Hopefully, my foot will be semi-walkable tomorrow, in which case I will be back! 

<3 Ally 

(Maybe you should send some jedi healing mind waves to my foot... just saying.) 

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