Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mellow Yellow.

1970's Yellow Hair Yarn (Thrifted, $ .25)
1970's Beaded Choker (Yard Sale, $3)
Yellow Cotton Gingham Dress - Made by Me
1970's Bass Sandals (Thrifted)

Well folks, this was the first dress I ever made.  I purchased the 'Built by Wendy' dresses book, and was super excited to make the "dirndl" dress immediately.  Unfortunately, the pattern was not up to pare.  There were all kinds of fit issues, and the placement of the only dart in the bodice is not enough to give this dress a flattering fit.  It looked like a box-ey mom dress from the early 90's.  And not the good 90's.  So, I had to make a bunch of alterations after the fact, and in the end it turned out pretty wearable.  I just wouldn't recommend this pattern to novice sewers- you'll be disappointed, and if you don't feel comfortable winging alterations, then it'll be a waste of time and effort. 

Slowly, but surely, I've been finding little bits of "hair yarn" here and there.  Love this shade of yellow!  I still can't believe that I can't find a bag of this stuff even on the internet- so weird!  So, last night we went to a record store, where I scored an old 'Veruca Salt' vinyl (for $5!), a 'Love & Rockets' comic, and the new Adbusters.  Then out to dinner at a restaurant called "Melt", where I got a DELICIOUS vegan cheesesteak sandwich (yummmmmm), and finished the night seeing the new 'Tribe called Quest' documentary.  I loved it!  If it's playing in your area, check it out- even if you know nothing about the group, you'll still find it interesting :). 

So today is busy day- 4 birthdays to try to make an appearance at, haha.  Since I'm basically poor (:)), I'm making some mixed cd's for everyone with a handmade case :).  Homemade is better anyway! 

I love the look of weaving things into braids.  It added some much needed spunk to this outfit.

I've gotta get on this cd case-making.  Hope your having a great weekend people!!! 
<3 ally. 




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  1. What a great post! Your dress has turned out beautifully and you look splendid in that shade of yellow. I remember lots of girls wearing that hair yarn in their hair in the 70s but I wasn't allowed long hair. I love the way you've braided it into your hair!! xoxo