Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mad for Plaid.

Curly pigtails
1950's cotton day dress (Yard sale, $5)
1960's t-strap silver heels (Thrifted for $1!)
"Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" pin :)

Look at these photos!  Taken with my brand new "Nikon" digital camera.  I am in love <3.  And they got me a tripod to boot.  Last night was spent (throughout catching up on tons of work) devouring the user manual, included dvd, and taking a million "test" pictures on Mr. Frank.  My cat = test subject.  He was resting his head on a pile of books (geez, haha), so I considered him fair game. 

I watched "Little Shop of Horrors" this morning.  Such a good movie- but seriously, where in the hell did Rick Moranis go????  I love him, and he is sorely missed :(.  Anyway, I had forgotten, but the cast is awesome!  You've got Steve Martin, John Candy, Christopher Guest, and do you remember the 3 women that sing throughout the movie (60's style)?  One is from the show "Martin" and the other is from "Living Single"- both personal favorites from the 90's.  Watch the movie if you haven't! 

Shoes!  I found these 1960's glittery sliver t-strap heels in a thrift store for a $1!  Yep, I was EXTREMELY excited to say the least.. 

And remember that yard sale I told you about last week?  This is the dress I got.  It is so perfectly comfy, soft, and flattering. 

Whoooaaa.  "I don't put out" you ask?  Ha, it's a quote from one of my favorite movies, "Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains".  From 82? I believe.  If you like rock & roll cinema, you will adore this movie.  And men!  Diane Lane is seriously HOT in this movie, so if you need another reason, there it is! 

Uggghhh, have to go across the street to figure out tax stuff for the store.  :(  Wish me luck. 
*`~See you tomorrow~`*


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crop Top Bop.

Plaid headband (DIY'd from a thrifted jumpsuit)
1980's Striped crop top (Thrifted)
1970's Black velvet skirt (Thrifted)
1970's orange heart earrings (Thrifted)
Saddle tennis shoes (U.O.)

Guess what?  I got a camera for my birthday!  Woohoo!  Thank the universe.  I hopefully will have it by tomorrow, so I am borrowing one for now :).  -insert sigh of relief-  I forgot to write this yesterday, but I was standing in front of the Contemporary Arts Center (downtown Cincy) wearing this lipstick when a 40-50 year old man told me how ugly it was.  Hmm.  So I said "Thanks, that's really nice of you!".  He retorted with, "well, I just thought you should know it's not your color- it doesn't look good."  I won't bore you with the rest, but WOW.  Let me set the record straight:  If you are wearing BRIGHT ORANGE LIPSTICK, I don't think you are aiming to look hot as hell to random dudes.  You think it is cool.  The first question has been, "was he gay?"  A resounding NO!  Just a random, rude man.  Believe it or not, this happens to me alot, and it blows my mind that so many men have such a lack of respect for women in public.  -I am not saying ALL men, but it is 99% of the time a man who will say something sexual/rude/scary to me on the street.  : /

Sorry for the rant, but I have been reading feminist literature & docu's/practicing common decency, and it is hard to not get worked up when things like that happen at least once a week.  Ahhhh.  Outfit!  So, after my 4 day birthday (Whoa), I am sick of dresses!  Never thought I'd say that!  Thus, a very comfy seperates ensemble.  I made the bow/headband this morning out of cuttings from a vintage jumpsuit I thrifted.  Ladies!  The best thing I started doing is saving all the cuttings from altering vintage- I always find a use for it; whether it be for a patch, a headband, a bow, etc. 

Details!  There are bows holding up the hair in the back :), some bobby pins, my shirt tag haha, and orange plastic heart earrings. 

Mmmmm.  Ethiopean was delicious last night!  Favorite food ever, hands down.  Followed by a tie:  veggie & mango sushi OR various beans & rice recipes :).  I'm making myself hungry :0. 

Thank you to all my friends that got me great gifts & just spent time with me over the last few days!  Love you :). 

And new readers- sorry for the political-esque post (it's not really, lol), but had to get it off my chest!  Thanks for reading, and checking out my outfits :). 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love, Courtney.

Floral bow hair clips
Peter pan collared lace dress (Forever 21)
Flower power nail stickers
Red velvet platforms (Thrifted)
1960's Cat eye glasses

Hello there!  Ahh, my birthday weekend was perfect!  Saturday night at the 'Crazy Fox' was a blast.  Then, Sunday my mom drove up- so we ate some indian food, shopped a little, and then made an awesome skirt out of vintage fabric :).  Yesterday, Jimmy took me thrift store shopping (my gift) up in Dayton, where I found FANTASTIC stuff.  About 25 things in all!?!  Then we went to the CAC, where the new 'Le Tigre' docu was playing (it is sooo worth seeing), and finished the night off at Nada (mexican) with some new friends.  Phew, what a weekend! 

Details!  Hey, don't buy nail stickers.  (One would wonder why I thought they were really "new & improved").  Haha. 

I totally feel like Courtney Love in this outfit :).  Nothing wrong with that!  Seriously, I don't care what anyone says, I CANNOT dislike her.  Hole was the first "girl fronted" rock band I ever obsessed over, and had MAJOR impact on my life as a child.  So, yes, I will always love her for that :). 

So sorry for the photos...  My camera has gotten so much worse over the course of a couple days...  I am going to hopefully borrow one until I can buy a new one :/.  Hey!  Then you won't have to listen to me complain! 

(Lea, Markus & I on Saturday night.  I got that great plaid dress at the yard sale I told you about!)

All in all, I had such a great birthday.  I actually made a few new friends this weekend :).  That hasn't happened in a while!  Life is so random.  And I love it so much. 

(Ethiopean tonight.  Yummmmmm.....)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mama Said.

1950's Button-back floral top (Mom's)
1960's Brown velvet skirt, homemade for mom by a friend (Mom's)
1960's Bow kitten heels (Thrift for $1!?!)
Wooden Elephant earrings 1960's (Heirloom)
White hanging earrings 1950's (Heirloom)

Whoa, everything in this outfit is from a family member except for the awesome bow kitten heels I found yesterday :).  My family is consisted of all women (excluding my one uncle), so thank god they had/have good style!  When my mom was in her teens/20's she was a big vintage/thrift shopper, and though she only saved a few items, I am happy to say I would wear every single thing.  Same thing with my great gma/and my mamaw <3.  HOPEFULLY, I will have a daughter (or a snazzy gay son) to pass them down to.  Heres hoping. 

I'm a little less wobbly today!  Your jedi healing powers are doing the trick ;).  Oh yeah, I went to a yard sale (held by a friend) this morning that was stacked with funky/vintage treasures.  Also, their yard was filled with tons of plants/flowers/kitties, and looked ~*magical*~.  I spent $25, and walked out with a bagful of goodies- skirt, a wiggle dress (swoon), straw hat, numerous houswares, jewelery, etc. 


(details, details)

"A man who loves too few, is a man who loves too much".  One of my favorite 'Twin Peaks' quotes ever.  Surprisingly, there are lots of little 'life lesson gems' here and there throughout the season.  Hey, I found another 'T.P.' lover today!  Score! 

I love the scallop detailing on this top...  I have probably tried it on 40 times since I was a little girl, waiting the for the day for it to fit (my mom was TINY), and finally, finally, it does :). 

Friends:  Tonight I am celebrating my birthday at 'The Crazy Fox".  I will be there around 10pm, so if you aren't busy come join me for some drinks :0.  `~** I'm 26 by the way**~` (time flies!)

I will be sure to take pictures of tonight through Monday, for your viewing pleasure.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Cuts & Stuff.

Hi!  Last night while I was washing dishes, a glass shattered around my hand.  When I came back into the kitchen from cleaning up the numerous cuts, I stepped onto a giant piece of glass that went all the way into the bottom of my foot.  Needless to say, I cannot walk on the foot, and it took me about 10 minutes to put on my slip-on Vans, so yeah, no outfit post today!  Plus, trust me, you do not want to see my sad/hurt/rainy ensemble :). 

In light of the no outfit, I figured I would post some awesome inspiration pictures from movies and such.  Hope you enjoy: 

-The Doom Generation-
(The first time I saw this movie, the following few hours were spent scouring the internet for a vintage -stylish- clear raincoat.  Didn't happen, but it was probably for the best.)

-The Sandlot-
(It is funny to me that the mass majority still believes that one piece bathing suits are frumpy- if done the right way, they are a million times hotter if you ask me.  Love this scene in the movie :)

-But I'm a Cheerleader-
(Every scene in this movie is eye candy- I want to kiss the wardrobe designers feet.)

(So cool.)

-Welcome to the Dollhouse-
(Love this outfit.  Love this movie.  It was probably my first "weird" movie, and I have been hooked ever since.)

-Water Lilies-
(French, and great.  It has a 'Dreamers' feel to it, but not.  Haha, it is definitely worth seeing.)

(One of Jolie's first movies.  Great for girls night :).  Not to be confused with "Foxfire".  Trust me, there is quite a difference.)

The worst part about this whole thing, is that the 70's skating party was tonight, which I was really pumped about.  I guess it's back to "Twin Peaks" for me :/.  In the past couple days I've made some awesome finds that I cannot wait to show off- red velvet 70's platforms ($8), a pair of 60's silver glitter shoes ($1), and a pair of 50's/60's bow shoes ($1).  Ask the thrift universe for vintage shoes, and you shall receive :). 

Hopefully, my foot will be semi-walkable tomorrow, in which case I will be back! 

<3 Ally 

(Maybe you should send some jedi healing mind waves to my foot... just saying.) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going up the Country.

Hi!!  Coffee maker, check.  Camera, still sucking.  Since I have been at work (for an hour and a half) it has gone from HOT SUN to POURING RAIN about 3 times, haha, good ol' kentuck.  Which brings me to my outfit---- 

1940's inspired pigtails, with pea green yarn :)
1970's purple & white ruffle top (Chicago vintage store)
1970's 'Dittos' overalls (Ebay)
Llama brooch (Mexican festival), Turquoise brooch (Heirloom)
Pea green tennies (U.O.)

Alright, outfit speak:  Love the overalls, and searched for them for EVER, but, they are falling apart.  The whole neck area is being held up with safety pins, and willpower.  So now I must continue my search once again for vintage overalls that fit and are flattering... and this is no easy feat folks.  This oufit reminds me of a tomboy on "Little House..", which is awesome, because I won't lie, I still watch it sometimes :). 

Morning movie:  Wet, Hot American Summer.  Needed something funny, and of course it did the trick.  Did anyone else forget that Bradley Cooper was one of the guys in the male make out scene?  lol.  Then I got in the car and George Carlin was on, which was great!  
Good morning I'd say! 

Below:  Behold some very blurry pictures.  Which is my cameras best feature!  Hey! 

And I'm off!  I have to actually start working :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gray Matter.

My 1st ever try at 'Bumper Bangs!'
1940's Cashmere gray & navy Outfit (Ebay)
Black flats (Thrifted)

I have to say, I am not much of a fan of surfing You Tube for funny videos, but I am a lover of tutorials!  Seriously, anything you want to learn there is a tutorial for.  Last night I spent a couple hours watching 1940's hair videos, so naturally I had to try them immediately.  And, hey, for my first try, I don't think they turned out too shabby :). 

Ahh, this cashmere 1940's outfit is definitely something I will save for the rest of my life, take care of, and hopefully pass down.  Unfortuately, some of the detailing is obviously lost in photos, but you get the gist.  Notice how the "hang down" at the collar is the same shape as the diamonds on the skirt... so cool. 

Hey!  My camera flash decided to work today!!  Seriously, I need a new camera.. if you have any suggestions for around $100-$200 let me know...  As for my morning movie, I watched "Slacker".  Um, probably not the best choice, haha, unless you want to read Adbusters afterwards all day and cry about humanity.  :)  It is a good 'cult classic' though. 

Hopefully I will have another "new to me" vintage hairstyle tomorrow :) 

See ya!  -ally