Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playing Hookie.

Wasn't planning on posting today, so excuse this randomness.  I opened the store 30 minutes late (shhh), and Linds took a long lunch so we could enjoy the most awesome food around: Vietnamese.  
After our bellies were full we walked across the street to a makeshift playground. 

The lovely 'Findlay Market'.  It's the biggest farmers/local market in our area, and stays open year round. 

So, being in a band is pretty f-ing dramatic sometimes.  It's not going so well right now, and the future of 'Good Night Noises' remains to be seen, sadly.  After a pretty heated band meeting last night, I'm ready for a light-hearted weekend.  :) 

Original Warner Bros. studio turned recording studio.  He caught me taking a picture, haha!  He was wearing an awesome white caftan... too bad there was a giant truck in front of him :(. 

Love this picture!  Hope you enjoyed, and will be back with an outfit for you tomorrow :). 

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