Friday, December 30, 2011


1950's Velvet Headband (Yard Sale, $1)
Embroidered Silky Romper (Topshop)
Mauve tights
Patent Mary Janes (UO, $10)

Hi folks! 
Chicago was tons of fun, but I'm glad to be home :).  I can't wait to go through my presents, sew, and just organize things. 
-you know you're glad to be home when cleaning sounds fun, lol-
So.  For the first time in years, I didn't find ONE vintage thing in Chicago.  Weird huh?  I found a few things in "normal" stores that I love.  I guess it was bound to happen someday :).

I found this romper in Topshop.  It's the first time I've ever been in one, and my god, is it expensive.  It was on clearance (but still an ungodly price), and I loved it so much, so I tried it on.  I didn't think there was any way it would fit, but wouldn't you know it, it fit like a glove.  I had one grand evening in it, washed it ACCORDING to the directions, and it f-ing shrunk.  I washed it on cold, and hung dry, and the mother still shrunk like 3 inches.  :(   Now I remember why I don't spend money on clothes!! 
Yes, I can still get into it, but it feels tooooo short.  I'm so disappointed :(. 

I have a myriad of work to do today, but I really wanted to post, so forgive me if it's a little brief!

Can you believe tomorrow is New Years Eve??  Crazy!  This last year flew by quicker than any other I've experienced.  Hopefully all of you have some awesome plans, and an even cooler outfit to go with them :). 
I found an amazing caped romper while I was in Chicago, so I might attempt to make it tonight.  We'll see though- not sure if I'll be in the mood just yet. 
In addition to the Chicago presents, I got a yellow tea kettle (!), vintage patterns/fabric, a beautiful necklace, vinyl records, art store gift cards (woohoo!), a dress, etc.  It was an awesome xmas, and I'm so thankful to everyone in my life!

Check out the new 'Oh! Darling' Bags! 
They were a gift from Jimmy's bro/fiance for us to sell in the store :).  So cool!

the end to my work coffee addiction!
So. Happy.

Another non-fitting xmas present:
These awesome, awesome 1960's Embroidered Boots. 
I received them from my Mom, and I really want to get the money back for them to give back to her.  I feel so bad that she bought them for me and they didn't work out! 
So, they are a size 6 (give or take), and I'll be listing them on Etsy in an hour or so.  They are so gorgeous!
If you're interested, email me at:

See you soon, ally.

Friday, December 23, 2011

In the Canyon.

1960's Brown & Yellow Knit Cape
(a Chicago Vtg. store, $12)
1970's reissue Dittos jeans ($24, Ebay)
1970's Pixie Boots (Thrifted, $4)

I thought it was only right to save this cape from my favorite Chicago vintage store to wear right before our trip back.  We will be Chicago bound for a 4 day trip the day after Christmas.  I can't wait to be in a hotel, and eat at some AWESOME vegan restaurants!  Yes there are others, but 'The Chicago Diner' offers the ultimate vegan comfort food experience.  I'm drooling...  Plus, I love that unsuspecting folks probably walk in all the time (because of the name), and then have to eat all vegan food...  Muahahaha. 

As a thrifter, I see capes regularly, so only the special ones make it home.  This one was in the kids section- so the length is perfect for me!  I love that I can move around like a normal person; in addition to not looking like I'm wearing a knitted trash bag.  (short people have to think of these things).  :)
Two of my old friends come up to visit yesterday, and it was a blast!  We had coffee, followed by Mexican food (drooling again)- plus, I lucked out with a mix cd, and a handmade necklace with a quote from "perks of being a wallflower".  Not bad sir. 
We all read the book in middle/high school, so it's a common link between us all.  If you're reading this Jess:  thank you, and I love it!

I've been listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre again.  Why did I ever stop? 


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Strange Form of Life.

1960's Plaid Coat (Thrifted, $5)
1940's Cropped Navy Jacket (Yard Sale, $5)
1950's Pink & White Dress (Thrifted, $1)
Black Velvet Flats

Seriously, how cool is this overcoat?  It's a tad too big for me, but seriously, I could care less- I'm keeping this one for life! 
It's an incredibly beautiful day outside, so I really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to not wear tights.  This is the first time I've ever worn this dress out, even though I bought it for my birthday in the summer.  There just aren't that many occasions that I feel like wearing bright pink... which brings me to my next point. 
Why, all of a sudden, do I seem to have a huge amount of pink clothing?!?  Both dresses I've made recently have pink in them (I've gotten a couple new patterns, and the fabric I have that works for the pattern at hand just happens to be of a pinkish hue..).  Bah! 
Now, I'm not against pink, I'm just not in that head space at all lately...  So friends, if you see an influx of pink in the coming days, you know why :). 

What I love most about this outfit, is that it really flows well when I walk.  It's crazy windy outside, and it looks really cool when the bright green jacket is blown open to reveal a bright pink full skirt.  Trust me, this whole outfit is 50% brighter than it looks in these pics :). 

Mmmm...  This morning I made Tempeh and rice to bring with me for lunch, and it turned out GOOD.  I boiled plain tempeh for 10 minutes, then slow cooked it with white miso, garlic, sea salt, & dates for 45 minutes.  Yum, yum, yum. 
I love cooking for one!  Every meal is a new flavor opportunity.
(yes, I just wrote that)

I've been a Christmas mad woman this past week!  I still have a few things to make, but I've mapped out the  next 3 nights, so I should be fine.  I'm trying to take some pictures as I go so I can share my crafty christmas items with you!

Jimmy and I are making our way through 'Six Feet Under' right now.  We just finished the 2nd season last night, and are most definitely hooked.  If you've seen the show, let me just say that I love the mom, and Keith!  I actually tried to watch the show a couple years ago, and somehow didn't get into it?  I don't know how that's at all possible..  Hmmm... Anyway, if you haven't seen it, check it out!  I've been putting the discs on hold at the library a season at a time (ahh, free shows, does it get better?).

Below, is my all time favorite Bonnie Prince Billy song.  The lyrics are so fantastic...  A kiss to end the longing of an unrequited love...  ahhh.  I love when a slow song can be transformed into such an intense experience through lyrics.  So good.
Have a great day, ally.


Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a Crochet kind of Day.

1960's Brown Crocheted Bell Sleeve Dress
($18, Ebay)
Brown tights
Brown Lace ups ($26?)

Oh how I love this dress...  I'm telling you- slide into this dress, and you are transported into a groovy 60's party...  Even at 9:30am, I felt ready to GO OUT!  Now that's a quality I look for in a dress :). 
I purchased this dress from an Ebay seller a year ago (?), and I fell insanely in love the second I put it on.  Well, actually, it was EXTREMELY short (and I'm 5 foot tall), so luckily I got an extra 1-2 by taking out the hem...  Seriously, could you imagine this dress 2 inches shorter?  Haha, it's already on the brink of way-too-short as it is.  Those 60's ladies had some proverbial balls. 

But yeah, paired with these lace up boots, I'm getting some seriously cool vibes.  Luckily, I have a work (my other PT job, 'Fit Bodies') party to go to tonight, so I'll be able to enjoy this baby all night.  And to top it off, a friends band is playing at the restaurant where we are celebrating :).

Can any of you crochet?? 
I've bought the supplies before, but never actually started any projects.  It's probably because I want to go from 'not knowing how to crochet' to making a 1930's sweater...  Hmm.  0-60.  One day my friends!

So, I went to the movies last night and saw the newest 'Harold & Kumar' in 3D. 
Yeah, there are a couple funny parts, but geez, it's pretty ridiculous...  I enjoyed the 1st one for sure, but now we are on 3, and it shows.  NPH is amazing as always though :). 

Photo Strip.
I'm off tomorrow (yay!), so hopefully over the weekend I'll finish my velvet dress to show you on Tuesday. 

::::::::::My sewing ToDo List:::::::::::
Psych. Patterned Pants
Velvet Maxi Dress
2 toned Skirts

We shall see!
I can't believe I still have 2 dresses I've made that I haven't shown yet!  My most recent creation is one of my favorites so far, but it gets so freaking wrinkly..  maybe I'll try to take some pics at home (?). 

So, I know you guys know that Kathleen Hanna gave this (below) iconic feminist sweater to Tavi (of StyleRookie fame) a while back.  I've been looking for a handmade sweater with any resemblance for years after first seeing Kathleen in it, with no luck :(.  I know the sweater was indeed handmade, and given to Hanna as a gift... So!  I've been thinking about commissioning someone to even just knit me a rectangle with the word 'feminist' on it, that I can in turn sew into my own sweater. 
So, if you knit, and are able to knit letters, email me!  I will pay you! 
Now that I'm writing this, I think it would also be cool to embroider it into an existing sweater- hmm. 

 When I was in Middle/High school, I used to buy random Cd's  pretty frequently.  I found some awesome bands, and only had a couple serious bombs out of the whole bunch- one being Avril Lavigne (before she was well know), good god...  But all in all, it was a great way to find some lesser known bands.  
The song below is from a said band, called 'Another Girl'.  Apparently this is the only full album she released, sadly.  It's a great cd. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lite Brite.

Pom Pom Headband (DIY, $0)
Dress made with 1970's fabric, w/ a 1970's Pattern
(made by me, $3)
Blue tights
White Cutout Shoes ($1)

Why hello!
I am happily at the end of the neverending weekend.  I went to 3 parties (which were awesome!), played a show (a rusty acoustic one, but good nonetheless), and made lots of presents.  Very productive, but oh so loooong. 
Ah- check out my newest creation! 
I have to admit- this dress is probably the opposite of how I'm feeling clothing-wise, but I still love it :). 
I received the 70's pattern in the mail yesterday, and got to work.  This is the only fabric I had lying around that seemed suitable; and it turned out to be my first knit project!  I've been kind of afraid to start sewing with stretch fabrics- but seriously, it wasn't bad at all.  Just adjust your tension, and your good to go.
I hate that alot of websites make you think you HAVE to buy a serger in order to sew knits- it's so misleading.  And sergers are so expensive... so please, if you sew, just know that you are capable of using your regular sewing machine!

Ha, I love how my tattoo looks like it's glow in the dark, lol. 
So, I made the pom pom headband out of embroidery floss and pom poms.  I basically just sewed each one on.  I thought I was going to have to tie little knots, but by sewing them with the thick embroidery floss, they stay right in place.  It's also cool because then you can move them around to fit the look your going for. 
The first time I wore it, I wrapped it around a giant puff bun, and it looked really cool :).

While I do like the dress, it's just a little too summery to be wearing in early Winter- and seriously, I was like shivering in each picture, haha.  Next, I'm going to make the long version out of a teal velvet.  But I also found a whole spool of deep blue velvet ribbon, so I've been dreaming of using that for another version...  We'll see!

On a sad, sad note- 2 of my favorite Newport businesses have/are going out of business this month, and it's really upsetting.  The historic 'Southgate House' (the best venue in the area, hands down) is leaving after the 1st of the year, and 'the Village', an awesome thrift store just randomly closed its doors yesterday.  What the hey universe?  Why are you targeting Newport??  Bah.  Although, the Southgate House IS moving to another location (thank god), which just happens to be on the street that I live on..  score!! 

Yeah, I had some fun with the editing today...  can you tell?  lol

Yeah, also, I was way too lazy to worry about the proper undergarments that this dress requires..  oops. 

But, I'm inside of a sweater all day, so whatever :).

I keep hearing the song below on sat. radio, and it's grown on me...  Although, the album version is much more rockin'. 

Oh, and thrift univers:  can you please send some vintage black jeans my way?  I've been patient...

Have a great day! ally.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

the Sick.

1970's does 50's Angora Sweater (thrifted, $1)
1940's Black Wool Pencil skirt (yard sale, Matches winter coat)
'True Love' Brooch (Handmade - 'Fabricate', $5)
'I don't put out' Pin -via "Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" ($1)
Black Hose
Black Cut-Out Flats ($1)

Yep, it's official:  I'm sick.  This is the 3rd morning, and frankly, at this point it's just starting to get a little irritating..  I'm able to function physically, but my brain & body huuuurrt.  :( Anywho- I've wanted a 50's Angora sweater for SO long, but have settled with this cherry red 70's repro that I thrifted for a buck.  I love it, but will most definitely be on the lookout for my coveted 50's white version!

The skirt matches my winter coat that I showed you in the last post; so lovely! 
In other news, after a great convo with our past drummer (from Good Night Noises), we've decided to pool the members of GNN and my newest venture 'Sadie Hawkins'.  I get a great feeling from the idea, and am SO pumped for a fresh start!  Our first practice together is Monday, and I'm keeping my fingers/toes/every limb crossed that is goes awesome.  As for the name of the new "band", not sure which one we'll go with.  I'm pretty torn- I love GNN, but it feels a little cosmically soiled (if you know what I mean, :).  After Monday I'll be sure to tell you all the details!

Of course my body decides to be sick when I have a billion things planned for the weekend!  Wedding shower tom., 2 parties Saturday, a show to play Sunday, then Band practice Monday- bahhh.  Here's to hoping I'll wake up tomorrow feeling ready to crank out this weekend with a smile!

I tried to arrange the pins so that they would say "true love don't put out", haha, but they won't cooperate.  The 'True Love' pin is actually a hair clip that I just stuck through the knit of the sweater, and the other pin is a quote from, "Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains".  Love that movie...

Jimmy and I watched 'Midnight in Paris' last night (my 2nd, his 1st).  It was even better the 2nd go!  I really do love that movie..  I find it to be so whimsical; it's light and fun, but still has depth and an awesome story line (which doesn't seem to happen much these days in movies).  Good job Mr. Allen! 

Hopefully I don't look too sickly..  I've been trying being sick "Jimmy style", which means pretending not to be sick.  I'm doing relatively well, haha, in between the complaints :). 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lazy days.

1940's Black Wool Coat (Yard Sale, $10)
1990's Beaded Choker (Gifted, $0)
1970's? Brown Leaf Sweater (Mom's, $0)
1990's Brown Mini Dress (Thrifted, $3)
Orange Tights
Black Flats

Please excuse the frowns- didn't mean to!

So today is the day- the first coat wearing day that is.  It could've turned the morning into a bleak affair... but not when you get to wear a new (to you) coat for the first time!  I bought this coat at that awesome yard sale (the woman was my sewing doppelganger, I swear to god) I stumbled upon in the dead of summer.  The man was selling every article of clothing for $1- but some random person told him that he could get a ton of money for the coats, so he was charging at least $50 for each one.  I told him I couldn't afford it, but he could tell how much I loved it, so when I tried it on and a group of older women gasped, he let me buy it for $10.  :).  It was a great day- and it's too bad he doesn't know how much this coat will be cherished. 

She made this coat at the clothing company she worked for in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is SO SOFT.

My friend Lindsay came into the store the other day bearing a bag of her jewelry from the 90's.  Now, you guys know how much I love the 90's, so I was in heaven!  She gave me some great stuff- including a pair of troll earrings (!!!  which you will be seeing soon.  And yes, I collected trolls.), some of her oil jewelry (was obsessed when I was in Elementary school), this beaded choker that she made, and a host of other cool goodies.

Right before starting this post, I walked over to a cookie shop and purchased a large coffee.  The first one in a week in fact.  The owner asked me twice if I needed a cap for the cup, which I kindly refused, saying "oh, I'm only a couple stores down, I don't want to waste one".  Then, I entered the shop, sat down, and soon after spilled the ENTIRE coffee ALL OVER the counter, on all the purses, and the carpet.  Listen to the coffee sellers- they know what they're doing people.

fuzzy wuzzy.

Take a look at this sweater :::sigh:::.  How cool is that print??  Thanks for letting me borrow it Mom! 
It's so soft, and perfect for an outfit-lazy day like this :).
Lately, all of my time has been devoted to writing songs, playing guitar, and SEWING.  Sewing, sewing, sewing.  I have a blister from where the scissors meet my hand, temporarily barring me from crafting.  Grrr. 
I've made 2 dresses that I still need to share with you!  I wore the most recent one for a night out on Saturday, and even though it wrinkled a little more than I would like, it still felt and looked great! 
Also, I've been sewing mass amounts of xmas presents, that I wish I could share with you, but can't just in case a receiver of said presents should read this. 

I've never met a choker I didn't love...  Sadly, after my dog collar/choker/goth days (years, ahem), I took a break from wearing/thinking about them.  But my love has been resurrected! 
My first favorite outfit (in Elementary school) was a romper, with an attached skirt, and a built in choker.  After that, built in chokers pretty much ruled my fashion world.  Perhaps I should bring them back?  Muuaahahahaha.

For those of you that live in the area, Jimmy and I will be playing a 45 min acoustic set at 'Grandview Tavern' in Fort Mitchell Sunday night.  Not sure on the exact time, but will let you know, when I know.  It'll be a mix of covers & originals. 

 Can I just say that I am in love with Leonard Cohen?  Well, I am. 
This is the best break up song EVER.  I love his lyrics so much...  He is just perfect.
<3 ally.