Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween #1.

Red Yarn Wig (DIY, $2)
Felt Daisy Hair Pin (DIY)
Hair Ribbon (DIY, cut from the bottom of the Dress)
1970's Dress & Matching Belt (From the Shop, $0)
Blue Tights ($0)
Red Glitter Flats (Thrifted years ago)

For Halloween Party #1 (which was the last party added to the list), I was looking for a free (or as close to free as I could get) costume.  I already spent money on 2 costumes- so yeah, wanted something quick and easy.  Insert the 'Ragdoll' post from 'A Beautiful Mess' blog!  Everything was free except for the wig- which I made from 2 skeins of yarn :).  Awesome!  I loved the costume! 

Oops!  Freckle mess up :).

I went to the party with my friend Dez.  She came over beforehand for a makeshift photo shoot :). 

The party was held at a friend's awesome Victorian house.  It was a great turn out, and tons of fun!

The owner of the house is a toy/figure maker, so of course we had to take the opportunity to get some pictures in his work space!

Looking back, I wish I would've taken pictures of the other party goers; there were some great costumes! 

Party #2 is tonight, which consists of lots of bands :).  Excited!  

Friday, October 28, 2011


1970's Red Poly Dress (Thrifted, $?, soooo old)
Brown Tights
Brown Lace up Combats ($26)

It was so hard to get ready this morning!  First off, I'll be using a lot of face paint/makeup tonight for my costume, so I didn't want to use any makeup (except lipstick obviously); and geez, I didn't want my morning dressing to overshadow my desire to get dressed up in my costume :).  So there you have it; a simple red poly dress, and my favorite new boots.  Simple enough!

Even though it's kind of plain, I love the shape of the dress.  The top especially.  Went to a local thrift store this morning (they are only open on certain days), and found a couple things for the shop: a light brown cashmere sweater, a velvet 'fall colors' wallet/pouch (which is gorgeous, and I'm fighting back the urge to keep it), and a pair of black shiny men's 70's boots (which I never find!).  Oh yeah, and a 70's sewing book for myself :).  In my experience, vintage men's shoes are, hands down, the hardest thing to come by.  Are there any sellers out there that have this problem?  Maybe it's my area?  Or maybe it's the fact that all men are secret hoarders.  (Pretty sure it's the latter, :).

Anywho- It's getting COLD... brr... 
Let's get political for a second.  Have you heard of the 'student loan help' stuff that's going on?  Well, while listening to NPR this morning, I found it that 'for people that qualify', it'll lower the monthly payment by about $10.  Really?  Seriously?  What's the point?!  I know I've never gone into detail about my student loan situation.  Partly because I will go into a rage, and second, you probably don't want to be subjected to it while you enjoy your morning coffee :).  BUT, I can say that I am CRUSHED by my payments.  And folks, if you are lucky enough to have federal loans, you know that you're able to do all sorts of things to lower your payments.  But, if you're like me, you're school procured private loans for you, which you didn't find out about until after you graduated, and then realized that you are screwed.  You cannot do anything to make them lower,  you can't declare bankruptcy, and they can raise their interest rates as they please.  Yay! 

And back to daily life:  I try my best to never let the thought of money enter my mind.  Or else I would go insane.  It's always good to remember (on a daily basis preferably), that money isn't real, it doesn't mean anything, and as long as you can survive and focus on the million more important things in life instead, life can still be awesome.  Because at least we have the privilege to have these problems! 

So, I know you remember when I gave you the little recipe for banana ice cream.  Well, I made it last night and had to take a picture.. because it looked that good.  And, I used even less ingredients than before; and it was still delicious!  Woohoo!  Behold:  Chocolate Banana Soft Serve.

Last night I used:

2 Frozen Bananas
Squeeze of Agave
Couple shakes of Raw Cacao Powder
oh yeah, with almonds on top <3

Thrown into the Food Processor until smooth.
And don't forget, you can always just use some frozen bananas- you don't need to be all fancy!

Have yo u still not seen 'Wristcutters: A Love Story'?  You should!  The next 3 posts will be Halloween related.  Hope you like em!  And have a great weekend :).  ally.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Field Trip.

1950's Yellow & White Floral Pan Collar Blouse ($0)
1970's Baby Pink Ski Sweater (Thrifted, $1)
1990's ALine Jean Skirt (Gifted, $0)
Blue Tennies

I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the weekend... the excitement is beginning to be too much!  Aghh, Halloween.  It's almost here!  I have a party Friday, Saturday & Monday.  3 costumes- oh yeah.  I'm thinking that on Friday I'll do a regular post, then take pictures at the party and make that Saturdays post; and so on until Tuesday.  Two of my costumes hinged on a vintage piece of clothing from Ebay, and I'm happy to report, that they both fit!  Thank the universe.  Really, the only thing left to buy is tights, and white face paint.  Luckily, there is a fantastic costume shop (that stays open year round) on the same main road as the shop, so I can walk down :). 

Anyway, this sweater is NOT something I would ever seek out, but when I put it on I knew it had to be mine.  It's soft and warm, and the fit is exactly what I look for in a sweater (and as well all know, is the hardest thing to find in a vintage sweater).  I went on a quick thrift trip this morning, and found a glorious fringe jacket for the store!  It's really the first time I've ever found a vtg. fringe leather jacket, so it was an exciting moment.  And I'm glad it didn't fit me- I would hate to have to keep it! 

Um, is everyone else out there aware that 'The Wonder Years' is on instant watch on Netflix now???  I've been waiting years and years for that damn show to come out on dvd, and now I can finally watch it!  Happy day!  So yes, the next week of my life will be spent vigorously taking in 6 full seasons of Kevin Arnold awesomeness.  One of my favorite episodes is Kevins' "summer love".  Is he at 'Coney Island'?  Anyway, the colors, the mood and 'I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger..' playing in the background is enough to solidify it as one of my favorites :).  I'm so glad it held up to the test of time! 

Oh, also, I just started watching 'The Walking Dead'.  Yeah, it's rocking our worlds.  We watched the entire series so far in one day..  lol.  Now we're week to week status.  Ughh, the horror!  Show marathons are the best.

See ya tomorrow, ally.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

whisky a Go Go.

1960's White Textured Balloon Sleeve & Plaid Mini Dress
(Gifted, $0)
Brown Tights
Lace-up Brown Combats ($26)

Friends!  Check out this dress:  the perfect, perfect 1960's Mod Babydoll, no?  A friend of the shop brought in a treasure trove of vintage, and this was buried and ready to be found!  I'm not gonna lie, I can't believe it actually fit!  :::Sigh:::  Love it so much.  It reminds me of so many things:  Mod, Babydoll, Twiggy, 1960's, 1990's, GoGo, Riot Grrrl... all rolled into one.  Paired with my favorite new boots, this could be one of my favorite outfits ever!  I even got some nice compliments on my way to get coffee :). 

I got a comment recently asking me which Newport I'm in- it's Kentucky!  As someone who migrated to Ky as a young person, I can assure you, it's like anywhere else.  I think it's funny that even adults that I meet (when out of town of course), act surprised that Jimmy and I are from Ky.  I grew up in Florida, so I was pretty horrified to learn that I would be moving to Ky (would have been upset about moving ANYWHERE at that age).  But no, it isn't just a region of media created hick persona's (but of course there is always a reason that stereotypes exist).  I've grown to really enjoy the history of the region, and the beautiful scenery & weather.  Also, looking back, I'm glad that I didn't go to high school in Ft. Lauderdale- things were very "fast" there, as you can imagine. 

By now, you have probably noticed the unruly rugs that inhabit our store.  They are the bane of my existence!!  Grrr- I have to fix them a million times a day, haha.  And we have tried everything to keep them secured to the floor- but alas, nothing solved yet.  Have any suggestions??

Here is a close up of that gorgeous white textured fabric.  There is a 'wave' pattern; and some fantastic balloon sleeves. 
I won't bore you with my weekend; although we did have a fun little cookout!

On Saturday night, my friend Lindsay came over so I could 60's-ify her hair.  She was a 1960's flight attendant.  It looked awesome!  The dress came from our store, which fit her perfectly.  She made her navy pillbox hat, and the wings were her fathers (he was a pilot).  I teased the hell out of her hair, flipped out the ends, and finished it off with a little roll to the side.  We had ONE bobby pin ladies- can't believe that roll held up all night!  Haha, awesome!

This outfit below turned out to be a reject of sorts.  After editing, I felt they were a little boring (?) to be the subject of a whole post.  Although, I found some 1970's brown bootie boots!  I believe it was the day after my post where I call out to the universe to send me some cool boots.  And wouldn't you know, just a few minutes ago, a friend brought in a pair of vintage black riding boots, haha.  Dear god, I hope they fit.  Man, that would totally finish off my list!  :) 

1940's Turban knitted Brown Cap (Yard Sale, $1)
1970's Zip Back Sweater (Thrifted, $3)
Jeans (Bday Gift)
1970's Boots (Thrifted)

And that my friends, is one long post.  Hope you enjoyed!  See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


1970's White Leather Jacket (Mom's)
1950's Sequined Sweater (Mom's)
1950's Sea Foam 'T-Shirt' (Thrifted, $1)
1960's Blue/Orange Scarf (Yard Sale, $0)
1970's Red Bells (Thrifted, $1)
Wallabees (Thrifted at Bonnaroo, $?)

Another gray & rainy day hear in Newport.  But, all is well!  No one comes into the store when it rains, which gives me time to re-arrange, post stuff online, etc.  It's just about jacket season full time- love <3.  But you know, I've realized recently that I really don't have any "in-between" jackets.  I either have very lightweight, or heavy duty 'Northern Exposure' ready coats.  Meh.  And, man, it is not easy to find cool vintage jackets that fit in thrift stores!

3D paperdoll.  See me de-layer right before your eyes!


From now on, I'm going to start sharing with guys what I'm looking for at any given moment (thrift wise).  What kind of vibes I'm sending into the thrift universe.  When found, I will wear the object of my desire the following day, and divulge the inner workings of finding said item.  Then, I'll be able to look back and see how long each item takes me to find.  Let the games begin!

I'm on the lookout for:
Vintage pants (yes, this is vague, but it is my holy grail)

Vintage customized Leather/Jean jacket
(I want it to be a jacket that clearly has love/time/googles & gaggles all rolled into one weird & random piece of clothing)

1970's Rocker pointed toe distressed boots.  Or booties.
Can be any color.

I have a feeling these are not going to be the easiest of finds.  :)