Friday, July 29, 2011

Peachy Keen.

Hair Acc.:  Butterfly, Felt flower (DIY);  Bakelite hair comb (Heirloom)
1950's? Silk/Chiffon Blouse (Estate Sale, $1)
1930's Knit belt (Matches dress, 'Sin City', $12)
1970's Peach bellbottoms ('Casablanca Vtg.', $16)
Knockoff 'Korkease' sandals :(    (Thrifted, $6)

Wow, this blouse is beautiful!  I've wanted to wear it so many times, and it may not seem like it, but it's kind of hard to style with the other items in my wardrobe.  I can picture a million things to wear it with- but I don't own any of them- rats.  :)  But then I remembered my peach pants!! 

Each person sees the world through their own warped coke bottle- Chris, Northern Exposure.

That comment got me thinking.
I don't know about you guys, but there seems to be some negativity floating around lately.  Not just for me, but for the people close to me- in a big way.  Comments, and general negative attitudes that are forced into your conciousness.  Obviously, you ignore, then you ignore some more.  And, unfortunately, fighting back has proven to NEVER be the answer.  What I (we, you, humanity) take offensively, the 'hapiness intruder' doesn't even register.  Every single person participating in the same situation, is going to walk away with a vastly different outlook.  Holding back, staying calm, and not reacting is a muscle that needs to be developed, just like anything else. 

How do YOU stay upbeat when someone is constantly sending negative vibes your way? 

Dinner was great last night!  Sadly, no pictures.  Haha, I just can't get used to it!  I have all the intentions in the world, I'll take a couple, and then foget until it's too late- lol.  Tomorrow, Chad (Jimmy's bro), is having a little pool party for his actual b-day, which is awesome because I haven't swam once this year! 

I'll be at home tonight in crazy bake-mode for the vegan bake sale tomorrow- mmm, cupcakes.  Let's hope for some sunshine people! 

Love the built-in scarf!!

Wowsa- this blouse came with the original tag- which is priced $420!?!  It came from a store named 'Matrin's'.  Since there isn't a brand tag, I did some research on the store, and found out that it was a boutique in New York City, circa 1940's-early 1970's.  Judging by the lack of taggin (except for a lot # tag), and the fabric, I am guessing this top was made between the 40's-late 50's.  I WISH there was another way to date this top- if anyone knows anything more, kindly enlighten me!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 
(I have been listening to the 'Little Miss Sunshine' soundtrack at work for the past couple days... don't know if you can tell, haha.)
<3 ally. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maui Wowie.

Felt daisy headband (DIY)
1940's-1950's Hair Combs (Heirloom)
1930's Pearl clip-on earrings (Heirloom)
1970's wooden elephant earrings (Heirloom)
1970's Hawaiian dress (Thrifted, $8)
1970's Bass sandals (Thrifted, $6)

It should be said, that this dress is totally not my style.  I would never seek out a dress like this, nor even try it on in a vintage store.  I was shopping for the store yesterday, and found it.  I went back and forth on whether to buy it (it was $8), but ultimately decided since it is in pristine condition, and a known brand from the 70's, I would give it a go.  Wow!  I tried it on, and it fits PERFECTLY.  I'm not sure if it translates on camera, but it fits, feels and looks perfect in real life!  You seriously NEVER know, until you try something on.  Especially with vintage.  So, first, I feel like my high school art teacher (haha), and at the same feel very airy & womanly.  It's interesting how different you feel in a maxi dress, or a gown- you feel powerful.

Tonight we're going out to dinner for Jimmy's brothers birthday- at which I will FINALLY get to wear my 50's dress that I altered.  So excited to have a reason to wear it :).  And, I haven't been out for a couple weeks, so it should be fun!  I'm going to try really hard to take some pictures.  It's funny, I never, ever used to take pictures.  Sometimes I feel like some people are only out to take a million pictures the entire time they are at an outing to prove (to themselves/to others?) that they have a life.  BUT, now I look back, and have 0 pictures.  So, I've decided that there is a middle ground, and am exploring that thin line.  Plus, I've become obsessed with editing photos- especially of the various rock shows I go to. 

I can't wait to look back in 20 or 30 years and have an archive of the outfits I have worn.  The stages I've gone through in life. 

Yes, my head is VERY adorned today, and I love it!  Felt flowers, ribbon, butterflies, pearls, elephants, etc.

We are having our second Vegan Bake Sale at Oh! Darling this Saturday!  In addition to the treats, we are also offering 10% off of everything in the store.  We need to clear some of this stuff out!

I do love summer, but man, I keep finding the coolest fall/winter dresses, and can't WAIT to wear them :). 

Off to do some work, have a great day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspirado Bravado.


(One of my all time favorite paintings of Ophelia)
(ellen rogers; above)
                         (margaret durow; above)              

Silk, Lace, Peach, Crystal, Velvet, Grass, Stars, Drape. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Acid Trip.

::::1970's Muslin Fabric::::
Midriff w/ button back
Full Skirt
-made by me-

1970's Floral Platforms (Thrifted, $8)

Just got done with this outfit last night :).  This top started out as a practice bodice fitting on a 1950's dress pattern I just purchased.  The actual dress will be made out of an awesome 60's fabric, that wasn't TOO expensive, but expensive enough to warrant a muslin fitting first.  So, I found this awesome psychedelic muslin piece at a thrift store a couple weeks ago for a buck, and decided to put it to use.  The bodice is FAR from perfect, and ripped a teeny bit while shooting, but what was I going to do?  Waste this cool fabric?  I think not.  So, I made the skirt to go with it, and voile!  This skirt is so flowy, and flouncy- it feels so nice in this hot weather :). 

The back of the top is criss-crossed and has one big vintage Bakelite button as closure (it was my great-grandmas!).  I'm almost done with the next version of the bodice (after the alterations were noted from this one), and it fits almost perfectly!  I figure, I'll just turn all of these practices into an array of crop tops in different styles.  (Just kidding, there will only be 2- I'm biting the bullet, and starting on the dress next.  I'm impatient.)

Despite my neon attire, I'm feeling pretty blah today.  Hopefully, a run for coffee will fix this temporarily?  Meh. 
I'm knees deep in love which 'Northern Exposure' guys.  It is such a great show<3.  We're on season 4, and I love the hints of spirituality (Indian vibe), and its true to life nature.  Don't get me wrong- there is some weird stuff thrown in here and there- especially at the end of the 2nd season.  BUT, it's so funny and the character development is fantastic.  It gets to the point where you can look at a character and start laughing.  I love that in a show. 


How scary is my bedroom looking here?  Ha!  It looks awesome...  Anyway, this is the collared halter top I mentioned the other day.  I decided I am just going to extend the end (somehow) with a scalloped edge.  Or, hey, maybe it'll just have to wait for tropical vacations to make an appearance. 

My all time favorite picture of my grandma.  This is her senior picture.  I love her hair, and her "bad girl" smirk :).  I miss her!  Thanks for letting me have this picture mom!

Alright, coffee calls.  I'll leave you with some songs I've been loving lately. 




Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friendly Skies.

1950's Howdy Doody scarf (Mom's)
1970's Red, White & Blue dress (Friended, thanks Lea!)
1970's Platforms (Thrifted, $6)

Hi!  I am about to acost you with a large amount of photos: brace yourself. 
This dress is one of the many things my friend Lea brought into the shop- and I immediately tried it on, and to my surprise, it actually fit!  I did have to adjust the armholes a smidge, but other than that, it's the perfect summertime dress. 

(Purse from the store- couldn't resist matching...)

I had my first sewing fail last night.  I've been sewing a crop top from a 1950's pattern, that did start out as a size too small, but promised that adding an inch would solve the issue.  Well, it looks great, and fits, but is more like a bra/bathing suit than a top.  :(.  The fail comes from the fabric I wasted, and man, I really wanted to wear it!  Shoot. 

My neck looks crazy in this picture, haha. 

How amazing is this Howdy Doody scarf?!?  It is my mom's from when she was little- and thank god she let me borrow it, because I love it :).  It totally surprises me that more people don't know what the "Howdy Doody" show was; do you guys remember? 

I've been going back and forth with the idea of short hair for a couple weeks now, and am waiting for just the right impulsive moment to do it :).  Wouldn't life me perfect if we could just force our hair to grow at will?  Bob one day, mermaid hair the next, ahhhh, dreams. 

Jimmy told me I look like a flight attendant from the 70's.  Awesome!  Sounds good to me. 

I was watching 'Slums of Beverly Hills' recently, and it of course made me miss my Natasha Lyonne.  She is one of my all time favorite actresses, and I have coveted that hair from the first time I laid eyes on it :).