Friday, August 12, 2011

Surprise, Surprise.

Last night festivities left me a tired girl this morning.  And I just edited 60-some pictures, so, in lieu of the no-outfit, I leave you with party pics!  This is Dez, the surprise party recipient- and surprised she was.  I got a picture of her right as she walked into the party, but the ONLY streamer on that side, covered her entire face, haha.  Of course!  This is a close second.  We threw the party at 'The Crazy Fox', out on the patio, so we all stood on the left wall.  You know, to add EXTRA suspense, :).  

I love this picture!  Sara, Ian & Chad (Jimmy's brother).  It's a good one :).

From the left, here is Mr. John, visiting from North Dakota, then a JK, and finally, Miss Lea (of my birthday party fame). 

We decorated the entire patio, and it looked awesome!  And seriously, for a Thursday night, I think it was a great turnout.  Above- Dez in action :).

Wow, I just had some serious Deja Vu...   On another note, I have wanted a bagel and cream cheese for MONTHS.  I've bought 2 different kinds from Kroger, which turned out to be gluten free too..  Bleh, not good.  It's weird because you don't even need dairy to make a bagel, yet they are never vegan.  Anyway, they started carrying a new brand, and I spotted them like a hawk.  They're called, "French Meadow, sprouted 16 grain & seed bagels".  Oh my god, they are delicious.  Finally a good vegan bagel!  So, I bought some Tofutti "cream cheese", and let it roll.  Made my morning. 

Folks, the day has finally come!  Maritime, a band I love, is playing a free show outside in downtown Cincy tonight.  I'm so excited!!!  Riding bikes to a free outdoor concert sounds great right about now.  Jimmy and I are watching his parents house while they're out of town, which translates to "awesome dog cuddle fest".  Which couldn't have come at a better time :). 

Blurry, blurry, blah.

Behold:  the Ani Difranco cake!  This was one of our gifts to Dez, which couldn't have turned out any better :). 

Ahh, boys.  Here's Jimmy and Matt being as gangster as 2 indie white boys can be, hahhaaa.  Absinthe will do that to you...

Cat (my store partner!) got a hold of my camera, and took some awesome artsy shots :). 

See you tomorrow with some outfit pics!  Have an awesome Friday people!!  ally.

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