Thursday, July 7, 2011

Milk Money.

Felt Daisy-chain headband (DIY'd a few years ago)
Orange lipstick (Make up Forever, $16-baaahhh, way too expensive, but it works!)

1940's Rayon Wrap Dress (Thrifted, $2)
1970's White Bass Sandals (Thrifted, $6)

This dress reminds me of the one that "Frank" gives "V",Melanie Griffith, to wear (used to be his mom's, that passed away) in the movie 'Milk Money'.  Frank's dad, played by Ed Harris, tells her she looks like Grace Kelly.  Such a sweet part in the movie.  As for the plot:  Frank and his friends go into the city to find a hooker to see naked, they meet "V".  She gives Frank a lift home, where she ends up living in his tree house (naturally) and then falls in love with his dad.  It is an awesome movie, watch it!!

Another thing that rocks about pin curls is that usually, you can turn them into different hairstyles for 2 to 3 days after the fact.  And they give your hair great body in general :).

Mmm,  I made some good tofu this morning:  Nama Shoya (raw, organic soy sauce), lime juice, & a little agave.  Simple & Sweet :).  It was delicious. 

Going to a sushi party tonight!  So excited :).  I guess it's a semi-housewarming party as well, so I'll be headed down to St. Vinnie's in a bit to see what weird home stuff I can bring them.  Oh yeah, I'm making pineapple saki to take with us- BEST SAKI EVER!

Are there any sewers out there?  Well... if you are, I read this great sewing/vintage/crafty blog, and right now she is sharing a tutorial on how to make a 50's sundress that ties at the shoulders.  I am in the process of making it now, and if you are interested, check out this link! 
(scroll down to:  50's dress tutorial part 1)- she will be sharing part 2 tomorrow :).

My band, the Good Night Noises, will be playing July 12th at "Molly Malones" in Covington.  Come and join us if your free :).

See you tomorrow! 

<3 ally. 

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