Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maui Wowie.

Felt daisy headband (DIY)
1940's-1950's Hair Combs (Heirloom)
1930's Pearl clip-on earrings (Heirloom)
1970's wooden elephant earrings (Heirloom)
1970's Hawaiian dress (Thrifted, $8)
1970's Bass sandals (Thrifted, $6)

It should be said, that this dress is totally not my style.  I would never seek out a dress like this, nor even try it on in a vintage store.  I was shopping for the store yesterday, and found it.  I went back and forth on whether to buy it (it was $8), but ultimately decided since it is in pristine condition, and a known brand from the 70's, I would give it a go.  Wow!  I tried it on, and it fits PERFECTLY.  I'm not sure if it translates on camera, but it fits, feels and looks perfect in real life!  You seriously NEVER know, until you try something on.  Especially with vintage.  So, first, I feel like my high school art teacher (haha), and at the same feel very airy & womanly.  It's interesting how different you feel in a maxi dress, or a gown- you feel powerful.

Tonight we're going out to dinner for Jimmy's brothers birthday- at which I will FINALLY get to wear my 50's dress that I altered.  So excited to have a reason to wear it :).  And, I haven't been out for a couple weeks, so it should be fun!  I'm going to try really hard to take some pictures.  It's funny, I never, ever used to take pictures.  Sometimes I feel like some people are only out to take a million pictures the entire time they are at an outing to prove (to themselves/to others?) that they have a life.  BUT, now I look back, and have 0 pictures.  So, I've decided that there is a middle ground, and am exploring that thin line.  Plus, I've become obsessed with editing photos- especially of the various rock shows I go to. 

I can't wait to look back in 20 or 30 years and have an archive of the outfits I have worn.  The stages I've gone through in life. 

Yes, my head is VERY adorned today, and I love it!  Felt flowers, ribbon, butterflies, pearls, elephants, etc.

We are having our second Vegan Bake Sale at Oh! Darling this Saturday!  In addition to the treats, we are also offering 10% off of everything in the store.  We need to clear some of this stuff out!

I do love summer, but man, I keep finding the coolest fall/winter dresses, and can't WAIT to wear them :). 

Off to do some work, have a great day!

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