Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Acid Trip.

::::1970's Muslin Fabric::::
Midriff w/ button back
Full Skirt
-made by me-

1970's Floral Platforms (Thrifted, $8)

Just got done with this outfit last night :).  This top started out as a practice bodice fitting on a 1950's dress pattern I just purchased.  The actual dress will be made out of an awesome 60's fabric, that wasn't TOO expensive, but expensive enough to warrant a muslin fitting first.  So, I found this awesome psychedelic muslin piece at a thrift store a couple weeks ago for a buck, and decided to put it to use.  The bodice is FAR from perfect, and ripped a teeny bit while shooting, but what was I going to do?  Waste this cool fabric?  I think not.  So, I made the skirt to go with it, and voile!  This skirt is so flowy, and flouncy- it feels so nice in this hot weather :). 

The back of the top is criss-crossed and has one big vintage Bakelite button as closure (it was my great-grandmas!).  I'm almost done with the next version of the bodice (after the alterations were noted from this one), and it fits almost perfectly!  I figure, I'll just turn all of these practices into an array of crop tops in different styles.  (Just kidding, there will only be 2- I'm biting the bullet, and starting on the dress next.  I'm impatient.)

Despite my neon attire, I'm feeling pretty blah today.  Hopefully, a run for coffee will fix this temporarily?  Meh. 
I'm knees deep in love which 'Northern Exposure' guys.  It is such a great show<3.  We're on season 4, and I love the hints of spirituality (Indian vibe), and its true to life nature.  Don't get me wrong- there is some weird stuff thrown in here and there- especially at the end of the 2nd season.  BUT, it's so funny and the character development is fantastic.  It gets to the point where you can look at a character and start laughing.  I love that in a show. 


How scary is my bedroom looking here?  Ha!  It looks awesome...  Anyway, this is the collared halter top I mentioned the other day.  I decided I am just going to extend the end (somehow) with a scalloped edge.  Or, hey, maybe it'll just have to wait for tropical vacations to make an appearance. 

My all time favorite picture of my grandma.  This is her senior picture.  I love her hair, and her "bad girl" smirk :).  I miss her!  Thanks for letting me have this picture mom!

Alright, coffee calls.  I'll leave you with some songs I've been loving lately. 




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