Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Braided hair
1960's Red, White & Blue dress (Lea!)
1970's Cork platforms (Thrifted)

Hi folks!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  I did absolutely nothing.  And I loved every second of it :).  And because I did nothing, and am now in possesion of a surprising number of red, white & blue attire (pure coincidence, trust me!), I figured I should at least wear one for ya :). 

This weekend, I made my first dress from my own pattern!  Patternmaking is always something that interested me, so I found a book, and made it happen.  Truth be told, I'm a sewing mad woman these days.  I wore the dress yesterday, which is a 1950's inspired yellow & white gingham sundress- so it was a little too wrinkley today to wear for pics... but maybe tomorrow!  There are some adjustments to be made when it comes to perfecting my bodice pattern, but I am proud of myself for sure :). 

This dress is one of the many things my friend Lea brought to sell in our store the other day.  I couldn't resist wearing this cute summer dress any longer!  (Sorry Lea!, I promise I will pay you asap, haha).  Anyway, when I woke up this morning (late), it was HOT AS HELL in our attic apartment.  So, this coupled with the lateness was reason enough (in my mind) to keep it simple for the day. 

To our surprise, our friend Andy was in town for a few hours on a layover yesterday, so we all met up and had some great sushi.  He is totally awesome, and is always a welcome breath of fresh air for Jimmy and I!  (he is probably reading this, so I won't go into our true feelings....  haha, j/k!)  He lived in NYC for law school, and we used that as an excuse to make multiple visits, and had a BLAST every time.  Now we are gunning to meet up and see the Mormon musical! 

(Whoa.  That is some serious anger going on there, haha)

(I like to call this picture the "Micheal Jackson" nose, lol)

I FINALLY watched the Twin Peaks movie this weekend, 'Fire Walk with Me', and oh my god, I started watching it at about 1am, by myself, and had to turn it off half way through.  Haha, it is soooo much creepier than the show, geez!  But, it is just as good as I had hoped, but I did miss me some Audrey Horne :(.   
Also, last night I watched 'Please Give', a Catherine Keener movie (LOVE her- and she owns a vintage furniture store in it), and cried my heart out.  Sad, but a cute movie.  I get way too into movies, haha, but that's why I love 'em!

Well, I am off.  Love you guys, ally.


  1. Oh my gosh the dress looks wonderful on you! So glad it found a home. I always thought it would be a pretty easy dress to copy too if you wanted to make other variations. You could substitute lace for the scallop edge.

  2. Cool! Thanks so much, and you are totally right. I'm sure we could measure it and figure out how to reproduce it easily. What a great idea. I couldn't believe it fit! Haha.