Saturday, July 9, 2011

Full on Monet.

1970's Pink hair yarn (Thrifted, $.25)
Orange Lipstick (Make up Forever)
1990's Butterfly & Insect dress (Thrifted, $3)
1970's Cork wedges (Thrifted, $6)

Whoa, this dress is amazing!  It was one of those finds where it only took one glance to see that it would fit, and be perfect!  It was meant to be MINE I tell you.  It totally reminds me of Amber from 'Clueless'.  You see it?  It is possible that I made it up- but you get the gist :).

My Jimmy was up all morning because of food poisoning :(.  I feel so bad for him, and DID NOT want to leave him...  The worst part is that one of his bands is playing in Columbus tonight, err, so that'll be a fun car ride!  Eesh.  He is the front man, so hopefully he feels a little better by then! 

So, this weekend is "yard sale heaven" in Newport.  The East Row (historic part of Newport) has an annual yard sale event, and I am fine with that!  I probably hit 10-12 before finding anything, but when I did, I hit the jackpot.  The house had 2 racks of clothes- one men's, one women's, and it was 99% vintage!!!  Everything was $.25-$.50.  Yeah.  I walked out with 2 armloads, lol, for $9.  Thank the universe for generous people :).  Anyway, I found a couple awesome dresses for myself, and then the rest goes to the store. 

Started watching 'Northern Exposure' (had never even seen one episode), and I have to say, it is very enjoyable :).  I put off trying to watch it for years because I just thought it was a cheesy sitcom, but it isn't at all!  We just finished season 1, so the obsession will probably start after the next season I'm sure :). 

I watched about 2 million 50's/60's indian music videos yesterday on You Tube, and the makeup was so fantastic!  Geez.  Well, actually, everything about them was.  The hair, makeup, clothes, you name it.  They were certainly cool. Watching that kind of stuff just makes me ITCH to play a show.  I am making a 2-piece fringe outfit to wear for the show on the 12th (woohoo!), and am totally going to copy one of the makeup looks I found yesterday :).  Thank god I have outlets for my craziness :). 

We will all be heading to Columbus in a few hours, so if you are in that area, come out to the show!  They are called "Sweet Ray Laurel". 
Man, it was weird, I was having a dream about Jimmy being hurt and I was helping him- and woke up during to find him extremely sick.  Strange!  In the same dream, I thought of a GREAT business idea- I'll keep you posted when I logically think it through, haha. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  ally. 


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  1. Funny that you posted the Clueless images. Before I saw them I was thinking Romy & Michelle's high school reunion!