Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flower Power.

Velvet Stretchy Headband
1960's Neon, Bell Sleeved Dress (Thrifted, $1)
White Cut-out Flats (Thrifted)

Hey!!!  Man, I had all my photos loaded up and ready to be blogged- and the other owner walked in :); I thought she was still on vacay.  Soooo, we rearranged the entire store :).  It took 6 hours, a lots of sweat- but it looks so, so much better.  It's finally feeling like a real store, and filling up with more and more goodies every day. 

So, this dress is awesome!  It's a little big, but I really don't care.  I kinda like the tent dress vibe- and will be perfect on those days when I'd rather die than wear something tight :).  I drove a couple hours one day to pick up a bulk sale of vintage, and this baby had my name on it.  It probably even ended up costing me $.50 if you really worked it out.  Ahhh, cheap vintage is the best :). 

Haha, I aways think of tons of things to talk about, and then I start typing, and there is nothing.  Guess what!  I might be going to Jamaica in August- woohoo!  I love it there- and I haven't been in years, so yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can go.  Blogging from Jamaica- sounds good to me! 

The headband I've had for ages, and the shoes were $1 at a thrift store in North Carolina.  Jimmy and I went there almost a year ago to work on a movie set (costume design for me, camera work for him), and the movie is about to come out!  We just got an advance copy and watched it the other night, which was really fun, but weird, because I just sat and picked apart every scene that I had a hand in.  Lol.  The night was filled with, "I ironed that shirt!", and "After the scene, he totally....", you get the point!  I like movies WAY TOO MUCH to want to work in the industry.  My life needs movie magic. 

I love the headband, flipped hair, and cat eye combo.  It makes me really miss Mad Men!  What's going on people?  Is the next season EVER coming on, or what? 

Mr. Frank apparently likes vegan pizza too; he kept trying to eat my kalamata olives!?!  Yes, he is a foodie. 
Celebrating my 2 year Vegan anniversary with a giant veggie pizza...Mmmm....

On Sunday(?) morning I rode my bike to the farmers market and got 2 boxes of organic blackberries for $5 (so cheap), so I decided to make blackberry juice out of one box.  Here's a sludgey picture of my blackberry juice, banana, & kale smoothie.  Soooo good. 

I have no idea why, why I got in the mood to make a dream catcher last night- but didn't have anything I needed except for string.  So I used a wire hanger, a doiley, string, sparkly gold elastic, and made some feathers out of paper :). 

Until tomorrow, ally. 


  1. Hurrah - more vegans! Our cats like pizza too. I have to say I love this mod look and the shoes are awesome! I heard Mad Men won't be back until 2012. Really upset about that.

  2. Such a fab little shop you have there! cool dress too.

  3. La fille: I thought Mad Men was way too popular to be gone so long! Crazy!

    China: Thanks lady!