Friday, July 15, 2011


White headband
1970's Embroidered choker (Thrifted, $.75)
Puff sleeve top (Thrifted)
1990's plaid skirt (Friended :))
White tie flats (Thrifted)

Sorry for the break in posts guys!  I was REALLY sick.  At first I thought maybe I had eaten something bad, but then flu-ish symptoms started to set in.  I'm still not sure what happened, but I can tell you, it wasn't fun.  This is the 3rd day, and although I'm at work (and am able to be), I still can't really eat anything other then fruit without feeling sick :(. 

On a lighter note, out show on Tuesday night was awesome!  The crowd was definitely one we hadn't played for before (for the most part), and they seemed to seriously enjoy it!  It's so hard to tell sometimes when people are just standing with their arms crossed, not moving, lol.  But this crowd was moving, dancing, and cheering!  It's so great when that happens :).  We had such a fantastic time~ and even got some pics out of it. 

So yesterday, I was definitely at home in bed, but was able to actually stay awake long enough to watch a movie or two (score!).  I LOVE DOCUMENTARIES.  The genre is usually my go-to, followed by 'dark comedy', and so on.  Anyway, I watched "Freakonomics", which was great, but I could have done without the strange "I'm an economist, I'm so smart, I'm an economist, I'm smarter than you" interludes from one of the hosts, but overall a really good film!  Next, came "Fat, Sick & Nearly dead".  Awesome nutrition & diet docu about 2 men using fruits/veggie juices to overcome disease and obesity.  Loved it- 
And lastly, "Selling God" which was great as well.  It was really funny, and stayed away from making me hyperventilate about the fundamentalists gaining power (even though I know they are, brrr). 

Whoa-  I'm wearing a nude tank under this, I promise!  Geez, haha.

Yeah, I love this choker :).  I just found it about a week ago at a thrift store and couldn't wait to have an outfit to wear it with!  Also, Lea, I love this skirt woman!  It fits perfectly, and the buttons are rad.  (Too bad you really can't see the detailing of them). 

No, I didn't base this outfit on "The Craft", but I saw a couple Fairuza Bulk pics, and my brain went straight to the uniforms the girls wear in the movie.  Where are you Fairuza???? 




  1. Oh I love this look so much - to think it all started with a thrifted choker - that's truly inspirational! I hope you're making some progress with your health - listen to your body, get plenty of rest sweetie xoxo

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Love your hair. x hivenn