Friday, June 17, 2011

Take me out to the Ballgame.

Baseball shirt (Designed by me)
1970's striped Levis bellbottoms (Internet)
Seafoam tennis shoes (U.O.)

Hey, looky there!  I drew the picture on the shirt which was used for a carnival themed party thrown by 'Sugarscreens' (who also printed the shirts) a few years ago.  I still love it, and am soooo glad I got 2 of the same shirt :). 

So, this morning on the way to work I had to stop in the middle of the road 3(!?!) times so as not to hit birds.  Seriously, they just stood there, and then slowly walked or flew out of the way.  What is going on here?  It's like they've given up...  lol.

I love these pants!  I ordered a lot of 5 pairs of pants for the store off of Ebay, and even though they were marked "Women's" like 5 times in the listing, when they arrived they are CLEARLY girls sizes.  These are the only ones that could be confused for women's, and luckily they fit.  Grrrrr.  Was not happy about that one- an the seller only offered to give me $10 back.  Ha, yeah, that's helpful.  Okay, done complaining :). 

Going to a show tonight at my favorite venue 'The Southgate House', and this outfit definitely fits the bill of "work to going out" perfectly.  Comfortable, but still feelin' good.  Have a great Friday night! 



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