Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strawberry Patch.


Olivey green jumbo hair yarn
1950's diamond necklace (Heirloom)
Thrifted top
DIY felt strawberry patch
1950's velvet circle skirt (Thrifted)
1970's cork platforms (Thrifted)

I have to say, yesterdays outfit really made me smile all day long.  Do you ever have one of those outfit days when you just never want to take it off?  Well this was it for me!  I always love a good circle skirt, especially when paired with a thin, fitted top.  Of course, I had absolutely nowhere to go, (isn't that always the case?), so I made a late night stop to my favorite neighborhood bar, just for one last go at showing it off, lol :). 
Hey, I even rode my bike in this!  (Another reason why circle skirts are awesome).

Next post, and I'll be up to date!  Woohoo! 

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