Wednesday, June 15, 2011


1940's feathered fedora (Antique Mall)
Braided hair
1960's poly dress (Miami Vintage store)
4 Brooches (30's-70's)
1913 drawstring purse (Estate)
Brown canvas boots (U.O.)

Ahhh... today is rainy and gray, and I'm feeling a little under the weather...  : /.  But!  That makes for a great outfit!  I love this hat, you can't tell in the photos as much, but it is a fuzzy mohair I believe?  It definitely isn't wool. 

Look at that purse!  I purchased it in a lot of items that were all marked 1913 (including some pretty awesome un-wearable shoes).  It has two drawstrings and is crocheted into a rose pattern with some crocheted balls hanging from the sides.  It is so well made, and just adds to the disdain I have for how cheaply everything is made these days! 

Haha, imagine a Forever 21 dress holding up for even 50 years!?!  Lol, that would be a sight to see.


Hey!  New shades!  Cat (the vintage stores other owner <3) and I went to Pixel 19 recently (distributor) and picked up 50 new pairs for the shop!  Speaking of Cat, we will be doing an outdoor shoot soon, so I will be sure to add those. 

Have a good day, Ally

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