Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love, Courtney.

Floral bow hair clips
Peter pan collared lace dress (Forever 21)
Flower power nail stickers
Red velvet platforms (Thrifted)
1960's Cat eye glasses

Hello there!  Ahh, my birthday weekend was perfect!  Saturday night at the 'Crazy Fox' was a blast.  Then, Sunday my mom drove up- so we ate some indian food, shopped a little, and then made an awesome skirt out of vintage fabric :).  Yesterday, Jimmy took me thrift store shopping (my gift) up in Dayton, where I found FANTASTIC stuff.  About 25 things in all!?!  Then we went to the CAC, where the new 'Le Tigre' docu was playing (it is sooo worth seeing), and finished the night off at Nada (mexican) with some new friends.  Phew, what a weekend! 

Details!  Hey, don't buy nail stickers.  (One would wonder why I thought they were really "new & improved").  Haha. 

I totally feel like Courtney Love in this outfit :).  Nothing wrong with that!  Seriously, I don't care what anyone says, I CANNOT dislike her.  Hole was the first "girl fronted" rock band I ever obsessed over, and had MAJOR impact on my life as a child.  So, yes, I will always love her for that :). 

So sorry for the photos...  My camera has gotten so much worse over the course of a couple days...  I am going to hopefully borrow one until I can buy a new one :/.  Hey!  Then you won't have to listen to me complain! 

(Lea, Markus & I on Saturday night.  I got that great plaid dress at the yard sale I told you about!)

All in all, I had such a great birthday.  I actually made a few new friends this weekend :).  That hasn't happened in a while!  Life is so random.  And I love it so much. 

(Ethiopean tonight.  Yummmmmm.....)

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  1. Love the white lace!

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