Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mama Said.

1950's Button-back floral top (Mom's)
1960's Brown velvet skirt, homemade for mom by a friend (Mom's)
1960's Bow kitten heels (Thrift for $1!?!)
Wooden Elephant earrings 1960's (Heirloom)
White hanging earrings 1950's (Heirloom)

Whoa, everything in this outfit is from a family member except for the awesome bow kitten heels I found yesterday :).  My family is consisted of all women (excluding my one uncle), so thank god they had/have good style!  When my mom was in her teens/20's she was a big vintage/thrift shopper, and though she only saved a few items, I am happy to say I would wear every single thing.  Same thing with my great gma/and my mamaw <3.  HOPEFULLY, I will have a daughter (or a snazzy gay son) to pass them down to.  Heres hoping. 

I'm a little less wobbly today!  Your jedi healing powers are doing the trick ;).  Oh yeah, I went to a yard sale (held by a friend) this morning that was stacked with funky/vintage treasures.  Also, their yard was filled with tons of plants/flowers/kitties, and looked ~*magical*~.  I spent $25, and walked out with a bagful of goodies- skirt, a wiggle dress (swoon), straw hat, numerous houswares, jewelery, etc. 


(details, details)

"A man who loves too few, is a man who loves too much".  One of my favorite 'Twin Peaks' quotes ever.  Surprisingly, there are lots of little 'life lesson gems' here and there throughout the season.  Hey, I found another 'T.P.' lover today!  Score! 

I love the scallop detailing on this top...  I have probably tried it on 40 times since I was a little girl, waiting the for the day for it to fit (my mom was TINY), and finally, finally, it does :). 

Friends:  Tonight I am celebrating my birthday at 'The Crazy Fox".  I will be there around 10pm, so if you aren't busy come join me for some drinks :0.  `~** I'm 26 by the way**~` (time flies!)

I will be sure to take pictures of tonight through Monday, for your viewing pleasure.



  1. Another TP lover here! In fact, a TP insanely obsessed lunatic!! I absolutely LOVE your top with it's beautiful print and scalloped hem - you're so lucky to have it:). And I'm going gaga over the shoes - Audrey Horne would wear this outfit in summer I'm sure! xo

  2. I loooove Audreys clothes! That's so cool that you love Twin Peaks! I am so obsessed right now- :) And you are right, I am so lucky to have it! *~