Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crop Top Bop.

Plaid headband (DIY'd from a thrifted jumpsuit)
1980's Striped crop top (Thrifted)
1970's Black velvet skirt (Thrifted)
1970's orange heart earrings (Thrifted)
Saddle tennis shoes (U.O.)

Guess what?  I got a camera for my birthday!  Woohoo!  Thank the universe.  I hopefully will have it by tomorrow, so I am borrowing one for now :).  -insert sigh of relief-  I forgot to write this yesterday, but I was standing in front of the Contemporary Arts Center (downtown Cincy) wearing this lipstick when a 40-50 year old man told me how ugly it was.  Hmm.  So I said "Thanks, that's really nice of you!".  He retorted with, "well, I just thought you should know it's not your color- it doesn't look good."  I won't bore you with the rest, but WOW.  Let me set the record straight:  If you are wearing BRIGHT ORANGE LIPSTICK, I don't think you are aiming to look hot as hell to random dudes.  You think it is cool.  The first question has been, "was he gay?"  A resounding NO!  Just a random, rude man.  Believe it or not, this happens to me alot, and it blows my mind that so many men have such a lack of respect for women in public.  -I am not saying ALL men, but it is 99% of the time a man who will say something sexual/rude/scary to me on the street.  : /

Sorry for the rant, but I have been reading feminist literature & docu's/practicing common decency, and it is hard to not get worked up when things like that happen at least once a week.  Ahhhh.  Outfit!  So, after my 4 day birthday (Whoa), I am sick of dresses!  Never thought I'd say that!  Thus, a very comfy seperates ensemble.  I made the bow/headband this morning out of cuttings from a vintage jumpsuit I thrifted.  Ladies!  The best thing I started doing is saving all the cuttings from altering vintage- I always find a use for it; whether it be for a patch, a headband, a bow, etc. 

Details!  There are bows holding up the hair in the back :), some bobby pins, my shirt tag haha, and orange plastic heart earrings. 

Mmmmm.  Ethiopean was delicious last night!  Favorite food ever, hands down.  Followed by a tie:  veggie & mango sushi OR various beans & rice recipes :).  I'm making myself hungry :0. 

Thank you to all my friends that got me great gifts & just spent time with me over the last few days!  Love you :). 

And new readers- sorry for the political-esque post (it's not really, lol), but had to get it off my chest!  Thanks for reading, and checking out my outfits :). 



  1. Well I think the lipstick looks fabulous.

  2. I like the lipstick and I LOVE the little sneakers! So sexy! Hope the B-day was fun!