Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Penny for your Thoughts.

White Headband
1970's Inspired Dolly Dress (Modcloth)
Brown Tights
Penny Loafers (Grandma's)

So I guess the only thing I'm wearing that's actually vintage are the shoes.  :).  The dress is one of those truly rare occasions that I'd rather have the repro.  Before I found this dress, I'd been looking for a vintage one for years.  I have NEVER been able to find a real 1970's dress that is in this style.  They are always absolutely tiny- especially in the bodice area.  What's the deal?  They are always sized so funky.. like the waist will be bigger than the bust sometimes!  But most of the time, the bust is only 2-3 inches bigger than the waist.  Yeah... 
Anyway, this dress was a Christmas present from my Mom a few years ago- and I love it!  Perfect colors.

You're going to kill me, but I forgot the recipes AGAIN!  Mahh.  One day... One day.  I knitted a scarf (xmas present for Jimmy) yesterday, and realized that I had been doing it all wrong!  Obviously not the knitting part, haha, but the 'choosing the right needle/yarn combination'.  I'd always heard of that concept, and even looked it up online; which always ended in some vague explanation from a TOO experienced knitter.  Well, after years of frustrating tries at knitting, I finally figured out that it's printed right on the back of the yarn.  That's right folks, ALWAYS READ DIRECTIONS.  Lol.  And, yes, I was that kid in class that started furiously on those damn worksheets that said "Don't do this worksheet" in the directions (just to trick you).  Sigh...  I felt so silly, haha.  But, I can say, it made such a huge difference in my knitting- I love it now :).

Yesterday I was on a documentary kick.  I think I watched 8 (literally).  The best being the Frontlines' (on Netlfix, and also on their website!) on 'Medicated Children'.  I really don't know why I do it to myself to be honest; they make me feel so enraged/sad/helpless.  Only few things can make me more angry than watching a 4 year old being fed 6 medications for "ADHD/the like" while being fed a gatorade, candy bar, and 2 corn dogs.  So depressing.  Some of the other topics were the 'Revolution in Cairo', 'Faulty airplane parts', 'Afghan spies', etc.  Eesh.  Information overload.  :)  But seriously, get on the PBS website, they have all kinds of things to watch online. 

I know, I know.  It's a short post, and a bunch of grumbling.. but it's Saturday!  I can't get with it!  Plus, I really want to knit (I don't even recognize myself, lol).  Have an awesome weekend <3

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