Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dead Mouse. (and not the group, either.)

1950's Sequined Sweater (Mom's)
1960's Cat Eye Glasses ($1, Vtg. Store)
1970's Velvet Skirt (Thrifted)
Orange Lips
Green Tights
Black Velvet Flats

Oh man.  So, I noticed we had a little mouse friend in the store a couple weeks ago.  I put out a humane trap for 3 nights with no luck.  Sadly, at this point, he is definitely a goner.  Errr.  The only back room we have is a small bathroom, and I've been dreading the inevitable: having to find and remove him.  Eesh. 

This outfit totally reminds me of the Angela in the Halloween episode of 'My So Called Life'.  If you actually look up the picture, it looks nothing like this (colors, etc.), but it's still giving me the vibe...  Probably the glasses/sweater combo.  Although it's stating the obvious: I LOVED that show when it was on.  I was in 4th grade when it was on air, and it was my absolute favorite show the minute I laid eyes on it.  I ate up every wonderful second.  And, of course, even in 4th grade, I was in love with Jordan (is there a woman out there that wasn't?).  Thank god there was such great tv when I was young! 

I finally watched 'Meeks Cutoff' a couple nights ago- and if you've seen it, you know the irony of the name..  Haha.  It's set in 1845, and the colors/vibe/clothing is wonderful.  It's an interesting movie- I liked it, Jimmy hated it.  I can understand his side completely though.  It's a little anti-climactic, and if you aren't into 'day in the life' kind of thing, then it probably wouldn't be your thing. 

I love this sweater!  It's my Mom's (thanks mom), and I don't wear it very often because I thought it made me look box-ey (I'm short, and don't need any help looking shorter!).  But, after taking the pictures I feel completely different.  :)  Not too shabby. 

See you tomorrow!

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