Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown Betty.

Navajo inspired Sweater (Forever 21 -eek- $9)
1990's Brown Dress (Thrifted, $2)
Brown Tights
Brown Pleather Boots ($26)

Hi!  If you know me, then you know that this is my "it's kind of cold, I don't feel like functioning" outfit.  It's super comfortable, easy, but still looks like I semi-tried.  Yeah, It's kind of a gray day, and not much in the way of enthusiasm (on this end).  Sorry I've been such a lazy bum lately!  Actually, I have been doing a lot, just not in the outfit category. 
Yep, Good Night Noises is doing some shifting- which frees up some mind power...  Which was spent learning power chords on the electric guitar last night!  Okay, so this may sound silly, but I've always played acoustic guitar, and never understood why it was so hard for me to write a fast song.  Yeah.  It's all in the power chords baby.  The universe has opened up and smiled at me today folks-
And, yes, I had always heard of power chords, but never made the connection I guess.
But, man, even after only practicing last night, I already see a MAJOR improvement.  And this development has gotten me even more siked for our new & improved GNN (coming at you soon) & Sadie Hawkins :).  Yes!

Now, look at those boots!  I've been looking for a pair of knee high lace up boots for years.  They are always: too short, too expensive, real leather, etc.  And can you believe it, I actually found these at a local store that just sells cheaply made "fast fashion" clothes.  I couldn't believe they had these!  And for $26, it was a no brainer.  Now I don't ever want to take them off. 
And, whoa, you read it right: this sweater came from Forever 21 last year for something like $9 on clearance.  It's funny- both of these items are things I had been looking for on ebay and in vintage shops for years with no luck. 

On the way back from NYC, I put on the 'Jenny & Johnny' album, and was immediately sucked back into loving it.  I was obsessed when it came out, and I guess I just forgot for a minute?  It's so good.  And, am I the only one that didn't realize that they have been a couple for like 5 years?  How did I miss this?  :)  Here's a link below, but def check out the album.  It grows on you like crazy.. 


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