Friday, October 7, 2011

Here I come.

1960's Brocade Outfit ($0, donated by an awesome customer)
1960's Silver Pixie Boot (Ebay, Forever ago, $alot)

Hey, hey, hey, check out the new bangs folks!  I cut them straight across, but didn't have time to make them completely even- so just brushed 'em to the side for the day :).
Yep, I'm 95% sure that we are starting our trek to NYC to participate in Occupy Wall Street Sunday morning.  We plan to spend the night Sunday & Monday, then leave Tuesday morning.  Short but sure to be sweet.  Ahhh!  Can't believe it.  But, right now, my biggest concern is parking the car for two days.  If you are reading this and have any tips, email me at  We are going to be camping in the square, but obviously aren't opposed to staying in a free home (had to throw that out there!).  It is me and another girl for now- but could be 3 ladies all together. 

I adore this outfit, but alas, not so photogenic after 4 hours of work.  We're having a $10 sale, so we've had some customer flow!  Anywho, do these boots not match perfectly?!  Ha HA!  Love when that happens.  These boots are amazing in person, and have a silver leaf pattern.  Like I said, I purchased them off of Ebay years ago- and although I don't remember how much I paid, I'm know for a fact that they weren't cheap- I fought for them until the last second!  Totally worth it. 

Yep- I'm gonna keep it short today!  People keep coming in, and I hate to be distracted :).  Expect a TON of pictures on Wednesday's post!  Wish me luck & safety. <3

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