Wednesday, October 19, 2011


1970's White Leather Jacket (Mom's)
1950's Sequined Sweater (Mom's)
1950's Sea Foam 'T-Shirt' (Thrifted, $1)
1960's Blue/Orange Scarf (Yard Sale, $0)
1970's Red Bells (Thrifted, $1)
Wallabees (Thrifted at Bonnaroo, $?)

Another gray & rainy day hear in Newport.  But, all is well!  No one comes into the store when it rains, which gives me time to re-arrange, post stuff online, etc.  It's just about jacket season full time- love <3.  But you know, I've realized recently that I really don't have any "in-between" jackets.  I either have very lightweight, or heavy duty 'Northern Exposure' ready coats.  Meh.  And, man, it is not easy to find cool vintage jackets that fit in thrift stores!

3D paperdoll.  See me de-layer right before your eyes!


From now on, I'm going to start sharing with guys what I'm looking for at any given moment (thrift wise).  What kind of vibes I'm sending into the thrift universe.  When found, I will wear the object of my desire the following day, and divulge the inner workings of finding said item.  Then, I'll be able to look back and see how long each item takes me to find.  Let the games begin!

I'm on the lookout for:
Vintage pants (yes, this is vague, but it is my holy grail)

Vintage customized Leather/Jean jacket
(I want it to be a jacket that clearly has love/time/googles & gaggles all rolled into one weird & random piece of clothing)

1970's Rocker pointed toe distressed boots.  Or booties.
Can be any color.

I have a feeling these are not going to be the easiest of finds.  :)



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  1. love those red pants! good vintage pants are really hard to find! they're always too short on me.

    cute blog!

    oh and are you in Newport, RI?