Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween #1.

Red Yarn Wig (DIY, $2)
Felt Daisy Hair Pin (DIY)
Hair Ribbon (DIY, cut from the bottom of the Dress)
1970's Dress & Matching Belt (From the Shop, $0)
Blue Tights ($0)
Red Glitter Flats (Thrifted years ago)

For Halloween Party #1 (which was the last party added to the list), I was looking for a free (or as close to free as I could get) costume.  I already spent money on 2 costumes- so yeah, wanted something quick and easy.  Insert the 'Ragdoll' post from 'A Beautiful Mess' blog!  Everything was free except for the wig- which I made from 2 skeins of yarn :).  Awesome!  I loved the costume! 

Oops!  Freckle mess up :).

I went to the party with my friend Dez.  She came over beforehand for a makeshift photo shoot :). 

The party was held at a friend's awesome Victorian house.  It was a great turn out, and tons of fun!

The owner of the house is a toy/figure maker, so of course we had to take the opportunity to get some pictures in his work space!

Looking back, I wish I would've taken pictures of the other party goers; there were some great costumes! 

Party #2 is tonight, which consists of lots of bands :).  Excited!  

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