Friday, October 14, 2011


Pt. 2

Driving through the Holland Tunnel.  We did decide that it would be the prefect setting for the next NYC Thriller/Catastrophe move...  Muahaha.

Car shots: do these ever really turn out without looking really staged and silly?  Oh well.  :)

And on to Occupy!  As I said yesterday, the first night we slept in the car (in Brooklyn), and woke up at the crack of dawn to get our day started.  After we left the cutest cafe nestled away between brownstones, we set off for the subway.  Okay, I'd never been to Brooklyn before, and honestly never realized how short the subway was from there to Manhattan.  It was only a 10-15 ride (including getting on & off)!  Awesome. 

Zucotti Park (where Occupy Wall St.) is being held was a lot smalled than I imagined, but was packed with people (naturally).  But not so packed that we couldn't walk around and take pictures/talk/see the sights.  The one person that we talked at length with, turned out to be from Cincinnati!  What are the odds?!  He had been there for 2 weeks; and we most definitely got the low down on some questions we had. 

The coolest thing about the protest, is the little city they have set up within the barricades.  Above you will see a small section of the 'kitchen' area.  They had a free food station, a kitchen area, as well as a composting and grey water system.  In addition, there is a library, a kids corner, etc.  So cool!

Some of the organizers demonstrating different hand gestures that can be used if you need to communicate silently (during arrest, etc.).  Basically, it is against the law to use blow horns, so all of the information is communicated through call and answer.  The speaker will say a sentence, then the crowd repeats it. 

Lindsay eating her first NYC Falefal!

"Debt is Slavery"

The 'Comfort Station' consisted of various bins with housed free clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, toiletries, tools, etc.  Basically anything you could need.. for free! 

Since Jimmy & one of his bands were preforming in Manhattan that night, we got to check into his hotel room early (at this point, we were REALLY excited to get to be in a room of ANY kind).  So we headed over to Greenwich Village, to the 'Hotel East Houston'.  It was a great little hotel!  Right across the street from a 'Whole Foods', and countless other cool things to see and do.  After relaxing for a short time, we set out for dinner.
Now, since I'm vegan, the minute I hear I'm going to a new city of any kind, I start researching Vegan restaurants immediately.  So of course, I already had a list of possible choices ready to go :).  I really wanted to go somewhere I'd never been, so the clear winner was 'Sacred Chow'.  Dear god, it was delicious..  They offer "tapas" that you can mix & match, so we got: Orange Blackstrap Seiten, Cornmeal crusted Tofu bites, Root veggie Latke's, & Saag Paneer.  Oh man, if you are ever in NYC, go there.  It was sooooo good.
After that, we found some wine, and took it to the roof garden/sitting area of the hotel :).  Later on, we walked over to the show, and ended our night with a MUCH needed sleep.
One more thing!  I've been reading the 'Babycakes' cookbooks, and guess what?  The bakery was right around the corner!!!  So we woke up, and went over for my first donut in like 3 years.  Yum.  And the owner was there doing a televised interview :).  Good luck :). 
Then we drove the 12 hours home.  What a whirlwind!

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