Friday, October 28, 2011


1970's Red Poly Dress (Thrifted, $?, soooo old)
Brown Tights
Brown Lace up Combats ($26)

It was so hard to get ready this morning!  First off, I'll be using a lot of face paint/makeup tonight for my costume, so I didn't want to use any makeup (except lipstick obviously); and geez, I didn't want my morning dressing to overshadow my desire to get dressed up in my costume :).  So there you have it; a simple red poly dress, and my favorite new boots.  Simple enough!

Even though it's kind of plain, I love the shape of the dress.  The top especially.  Went to a local thrift store this morning (they are only open on certain days), and found a couple things for the shop: a light brown cashmere sweater, a velvet 'fall colors' wallet/pouch (which is gorgeous, and I'm fighting back the urge to keep it), and a pair of black shiny men's 70's boots (which I never find!).  Oh yeah, and a 70's sewing book for myself :).  In my experience, vintage men's shoes are, hands down, the hardest thing to come by.  Are there any sellers out there that have this problem?  Maybe it's my area?  Or maybe it's the fact that all men are secret hoarders.  (Pretty sure it's the latter, :).

Anywho- It's getting COLD... brr... 
Let's get political for a second.  Have you heard of the 'student loan help' stuff that's going on?  Well, while listening to NPR this morning, I found it that 'for people that qualify', it'll lower the monthly payment by about $10.  Really?  Seriously?  What's the point?!  I know I've never gone into detail about my student loan situation.  Partly because I will go into a rage, and second, you probably don't want to be subjected to it while you enjoy your morning coffee :).  BUT, I can say that I am CRUSHED by my payments.  And folks, if you are lucky enough to have federal loans, you know that you're able to do all sorts of things to lower your payments.  But, if you're like me, you're school procured private loans for you, which you didn't find out about until after you graduated, and then realized that you are screwed.  You cannot do anything to make them lower,  you can't declare bankruptcy, and they can raise their interest rates as they please.  Yay! 

And back to daily life:  I try my best to never let the thought of money enter my mind.  Or else I would go insane.  It's always good to remember (on a daily basis preferably), that money isn't real, it doesn't mean anything, and as long as you can survive and focus on the million more important things in life instead, life can still be awesome.  Because at least we have the privilege to have these problems! 

So, I know you remember when I gave you the little recipe for banana ice cream.  Well, I made it last night and had to take a picture.. because it looked that good.  And, I used even less ingredients than before; and it was still delicious!  Woohoo!  Behold:  Chocolate Banana Soft Serve.

Last night I used:

2 Frozen Bananas
Squeeze of Agave
Couple shakes of Raw Cacao Powder
oh yeah, with almonds on top <3

Thrown into the Food Processor until smooth.
And don't forget, you can always just use some frozen bananas- you don't need to be all fancy!

Have yo u still not seen 'Wristcutters: A Love Story'?  You should!  The next 3 posts will be Halloween related.  Hope you like em!  And have a great weekend :).  ally.


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  1. I'm a vintage owner and yes it's so hard to find nice mens shoes that aren't messed up. Just came across some nice ankle boots for men.
    You have such a cute store!