Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall of '72.

Triple Level Ponytail (circa, Elementary School)
1970's Leaf Poly top (Thrifted, $?)
1960's Navy Jeans (Chicago Vtg. Store, $?)
Wallabees (Thrifted at Bonarroo)

Man, in Elementary school, this hairstyle was the coolest thing you could do.  Well, besides layering multi-colored scrunch socks.  I would do 10 layer ponytails with all different colored ponytail holders/clips/beads.  Wish I had pictures!  This past weekend was very odd- weather, and otherwise.  Not bad odd, just odd.  First off, I made my first pair of pants!  Let me just say, that it is a million times easier than I thought it would be.  I made some 1970's wide leg/bell brown pants, and I would give them a B.  I wore them with a novelty print black & white halter top that I made, which gave the whole outfit an awesome studio 54 vibe.  I would've gotten pictures, but the pants ripped after about 20 minutes of being at the rock show.  LOL.  I'm convinced it's because I rode my bike (paired with, ahem, my faulty seam) ;).   I got lots of compliments though!  So, all in all, great 1st pants experience!

I love this top!  So cool in person.

Yesterday, I woke up and immediately decided to tackle the organization of our second bedroom turned sewing/music room.  Whew.  After one hammered finger, I was done!  I successfully completed the arrangement, some diy shelving, and the making of some awesome felt & paper garland.  Behold:

The paper garland hanging on the yellow chair is for the shop :).  I LOVE it!  I've really had to hold myself back with this garland business.  It's so fun to make, and I love the way it looks; but seriously should not have it in every inch of my home, haha.  But the store- that's another story! 

Excuse the VERY thread-ey carpet..

I like to call this my Victorian sewing corner- Awesome Victorian top (going to sell online) and the antique sewing picture.  The pic is falling apart, but was so cool that I couldn't pass it up!! 

Mr. Frank & plants.

By the way, Saturday was 103 degrees, and today it's 65.  Geez!  It feels like it's freezing outside!  Haha. 


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