Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Days.

1950's Plaid scrap fabric (Hair)
1950's Embroidered Sweater (Thrifted, $2)
1970's Orangey Red Bells ($1)
Wallabees (Thrifted, Bonnaroo, $?)

My mom came to town yesterday, so we took a little thrifting trip.  I was mostly shopping for the store, but hey, if a vintage sweater or a pair of trousers popped up, you wouldn't hear me complaining :). 
And a sweater I did find!  My search for a 50's Angora sweater is proving futile- but this is a close runner up- especially for $2.  I love, love vintage initial sweaters; and was SO excited that it was small enough (they are usually pretty huge).  As for the pants, I got them for about $1 a few days ago, and have worn them ever since. 

If you don't already know, 'The Office' is one of my favorite shows.  It actually only rivals Seinfeld in the sense that I could literally watch the reruns every day.  Anyway, I finally got to see the newest episode (from last Thursday) last night, and errr, I'm just not sure folks.  Andy as the boss?  I mean, I love him as an actor, and his character ALOT; but the boss?  It really came out of nowhere.  I guess by the end of the episode, I felt a little more comfortable...  ::Sigh::  Maybe it'll grow on me?

Back to the thifting- I found tons of things for the shop, including a 1940's shearling coat.  Beautiful.  Too bad it doesn't fit!!  There is going to be one lucky lady out there though, that's for sure. 
Mmm, I've been doing lots of cooking and (un)cooking lately :).  A few days ago, I decided that "enough is enough" and titled a page 'The Banana Muffin Project'.  That's right.  I set out on the journey of creating the perfect healthy banana muffin.  No sugar, no oil, all whole wheat, etc.  After some studying and perfecting, I have to say that I succeeded!  They were delicious.  YUM.  And I will post the recipe tomorrow. 

I guess I've had a sweet tooth lately, because I was seriously craving raw brownies yesterday.  They consist of walnuts, dates, cacao/carob, and vanilla.  Dear god.  Eating one of these is like eating heaven.  I kid you not.  I'll post that recipe tomorrow too :). 

Okay, now I've made myself hungry.  Haha.  See you tomorrow people :).


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