Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mildred P.

1940's Tapestry Hat (Estate, $4)
1940'S Navy Wool Suit (Yard Sale, $5)
White flats (Thrifted, $1)

If these pics look funky today, it's because of the dreary/gray day in the background. 

Man, this suit/outfit/set is awesome!  I've always wanted a vintage suit (would've taken any decade, but 40's?  Yes please!), and can you believe I found this at a yard sale??  It belonged to the woman's mother when she was in high school.  I also acquired an amazing wiggle dress that she wore to her college graduation.  Anyway, it's made of a soft wool (almost has a felted feel), and buttons all the way down the front of the jacket and the skirt.  This morning I hemmed the skirt up 4 inches, and it came out okay, but I've never hemmed a yoked skirt before.  Up close, it looks a little crazy, so I think when I have an extra 10 bucks I'll get this baby professionally hemmed. 

Oh, and this hat!  The colors in person are so bright and fall-like.  It even came with the original hat pin (which I have pinned into my low ponytail in the back).  If you've ever thought about using a hat pin- do it.  It really works- especially if you're like me:  if I'm wearing at hat, then I'm adjusting it 50% of the time. 

Ahh, a cuff close up!  Yeah, Mildred Pierce is the most recent 40's inspired show/movie I've watched lately, thus the inspiration.  But in addition, I also am feeling a wicked witch vibe- like if the wicked witch took off that gown and was going to the market.  In the 40's.  I don't know why!  I know it doesn't make sense :0, but it does.  Hmm, also a school marm.  My real inspiration is a film I saw when I was in North Carolina working on that movie I told you about.  It was a small town, and I was waiting on a food pickup from a little restaurant.  On the screen was video shot on their main street during the 40's; there was a camera set up on the sidewalk, so you could watch the people walking by.  It was so cool!  All the women were gorgeous- and it was Fall/early Winter, so they all had on a suit like this, or sweaters, and their pointed hats.  I watched it for about 20 minutes, and asked the owner where I could get the movie, and he just laughed and told me what it was.  Shoot.  I'd much rather see street style in action, then a hollywood depiction. 

:::::"What do you mean you're out of vegan sloppy joe's?":::::

I had a pretty quiet/good night last night.  I made dinner (tofu, peas, edemame, brown rice), made a couple circle skirts (both are two sided; Orange/Magenta & Turquoise/Sage), and learned a song on the guitar.  Yeah!  I love productive nights like that.  I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm smack dab in the middle of wardrobe limbo.  Summer stuff looks boring, and fall stuff looks fun, but I still haven't quite gotten there mentally yet.  I guess the fact that I want to make my Fall/Winter wardrobe this year is what's amplified that feeling.  Hmm.  I'm liking:  Coral, Mustard, Green's, lots of Trousers, Velvet anything, Navy, and bright Red.  Hey!  My allergies have died down!  They've been terrible for the past two weeks!  There were a couple mornings when I had to wait an hour or two to be able to take my outfit pics; so as to avoid the inevitable crack-head comparisons.  You know how it goes.  :)

:::::Action Shot:::::

Below, you will get acquainted with my new obsession for Scout Niblett.  I've known about her for a while, and I'm not sure what sparked the new uber-interest, but I'm enjoying it!  The song I've included is from my favorite album, "This Fool can Die Now".  It doesn't sound like any other song on the album, so don't judge it too harshly if you aren't into this particular track :). 

At this very moment, there is a car stopped in front of my store because it's going the wrong way on the main one way road.  Just pull over into a spot dude!  Oh, Newport. 

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