Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Miss.

1970's Scalloped Knit Cape (Thrifted, $2)
Lace Babydoll dress ($17, Bday gift from Mom)
Brown Tights

Hi!  Yesterday, I found this super cool button-up, scalloped cape, and just couldn't resist.  I find knit capes A LOT, but this one is definitely something special; the armholes are my #1 favorite feature.  In my head this oufit was super exciting, but man, on camera it falls a little flat.  Oh well.  Some outfits are just better in person.  (Yes, I stare at them way too long probably and start questioning things, haha).  A word on that!  I don't really enjoy having my picture taken, so doing this is a completely new thing to me.  It's a little difficult not to feel like an egotistical crazy woman, but I like to look at it almost as an art project.  How cool will it be to look back on my outfits when I'm 90?  Pretty cool indeed. 

Since you last saw me, I've made tons of things, went to the first ever trivia night at our favorite bar (fun!), and sewed like a mad woman.  Geez!  I almost forgot, I went to see "The Future", the new movie by Miranda July.  It's no secret that I love her, and that her first movie is in my top 3 all time favorite movies. 
First of all, I gave this movie a B.  And to be honest, I felt different about it as each hour passed (after viewing).  It was definitely artsy, what with the talking cat, talking moon, etc.  It starts off funny/quirky/lovable, and then becomes pretty serious and sad by the end.  I don't want to ruin it for you, so I'll stop there.  It's worth seeing, but make sure you analyze it after.  The longer you think about each part, the more it makes sense.  There is so much packed into one movie- and you have to find the invisible themes weaved into the bigger picture.  Also, you must watch this with another human being, so that you can analyze it together :). 

Presently, my brain is going through craft overload- too many ideas, and not enough time.  So glad my creativity is back in full force!  So yeah, you'll be seeing more of my makings on here..  I don't post pictures of them most of the time, because I question the interest on your part.  But then I remember:  I can do whatever I want!  It's my blog!  Muahahahaha.  :) 

While thrifting yesterday, I also found this rad joker pillowcase from 1989 (it has the date printed on it).  So cool!!!  There was only one, which is fine, because one pillowcase is all you need to make a skirt! 


Yep, it's perfectly worn in and soft too.  Score!  So, then I whipped up my own drafted skirt pattern that I acquired from 'Craft o Vision' (find on youtube).  It's the first time I've drafted my own pattern, and consists of doing some fraction equations, and then transferring that info to drawing.  Check out mine below:

I would've worn the skirt today, but I have a wonky hip situation going on with one side of the skirt- so hopefully tomorrow!  Oh yeah, batmans head is on the back of the skirt, hehe.  Alright, I'm about to devour some Vietnamese, so I must go. 


  1. I really love the dress. AND I have the exact same pillow case. I adore super old pillow cases because they are sooooo soft. Hope to see you at the Fox later this evening.

  2. Miranda- thanks! That's awesome that you have the same one, haha. And yes, you will def see me there :). Jimmy is playing at SGH w/ Martin Luther, so I'll be at both.