Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moto Foto.

Moto Jacket (UO, $19.99)
Clash Shirt (UO, $9.99)
1990's Black Skirt (Thrifted, $3)
Black Hose
Black Velvet Flats


I got a Christmas present from Urban Outfitters that unfortunately didn't fit, so I was able to get a 'credit' card.  I searched the clearance section online, and actually found some stuff I liked!  That never happens; so you can imagine my surprise when I found this stretchy moto jacket, oversized cropped 'Clash' shirt, and a maxi lace 1920's duster (not pictured).  I love all of it!  I'm especially fond of the lace duster...  I was a little worried that the lace would feel cheap and stiff, but it is oh so soft, and has a little stretch to it.  It has wide belled sleeves, and is just gorgeous <3. 


The weather has been so weird here lately, so uncommonly warm...  I'm trying my best to not have a 'Climate Change' induced mental breakdown :).  Seriously, it makes me dry heave when I think about the effects that global warming are having in our daily life (i.e crops, gardens, metal clarity, our bodies, animals, insects, etc.).  Argghh.  Don't you wish everyone could just unify for 1 second to make this world a better place? 

But, I will just keep acting like my choices will make a difference in the world, and someday, when a large scale of people feel this way, we will get things done!  Seriously, one person can and does make an impact!  We keep these horrible Corporations/Wall Street in business by buying/using their products.  It's as simple as that.  Stop buying the products, and the business cannot succeed!

I think a lot of people feel overwhelmed by all that is happening in this world.  So overwhelmed that they feel hopeless, say 'fuck it' and then continue to indulge at unseen costs.  But I have an idea!  How about once a week you do research on a company you use/buy from.  One week research your toothpaste, next week research Kroger.  Then, after, research your alternatives!  Think of how much you will learn in just a year!  Then you can share your findings with your family and friends, and hey, maybe even make some new friends who feel the way you do! 
(Be prepared for some resistance though; but at least you will be in the know.)

Whew- that's out of the way!

As you know, I'm a making fiend.  Right now, I want to cast Scarab molds, make resin disks filled with dried flowers, feathers, dead bugs.  I want to make chiffon pastel capes, and twig crowns.  Ahhhh.  Jimmy commented last night that our apartment looks like a perpetual Summer.  I took that as a great compliment :).  I'm in love with the idea of the Ocean meeting the Forest; and our apartments definitely reflects that at this point.  I've been working on it slowly, since we've moved around so much.  I was afraid to start really decorating until it seemed we would be staying for a while.  It's getting there!

I really do enjoy the detailing of the jacket.  Plus, I really dig the fabric; it's light and warm at the same time.  It's funny; even though it's been warm out, I am still out of the warm mindset- preferring to wear darker colors. 
At the shop we've been selling home goods like crazy!  We are in need of some stock! 

Oh!  I forgot to tell you about Jimmy & I's anniversary didn't I?  Well, we celebrated on the night of January 28th.  It's been 6 years!  Insanity I tell you! 
Since our anniversary is so close to V day, we decided that instead of getting each other gifts we would switch off surprising each other with a "day-o-fun".  This year it was my turn, and this was the schedule:

Gift Card to the Comic Book Shop
Chili Dogs (they have vegan ones too!) @ Mayday in Cincy
-holy crap, by far the best vegan chili dog I've ever had-
Record shopping at Shake it Records
Drinks & a Movie @ Esquire Theater (indie movie theater in Cincy)


I got all of the wedding Photo Booth pictures back the other day, and they are so great!  I'm so glad I was able to give that to them as a wedding gift.  It was such a great time :).
You can't really see my dress too well, but it was a really pretty crushed velvet. 

"I've been going
a long time now
along the way
I've learned some things.
You have to make
the good times yourself
take the little times
and make them into bigger times
and save the times
that are allright
for the ones
that aren't so good."

-Seasons in the Sun
I hope you're feeling sunny where you are, Ally.

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