Sunday, February 12, 2012

the Symphony.

Birds-nest Bun
1940's Gold Necklace (Heirloom, $0)
 Silky Lace Robe (UO, $19.99)
Skin Dress (DIY, $3.50)
1990's Velvet Mary Janes (Thrifted, $3)

 Yesterday was great; we ate, we bought art, and went to the Symphony.  It was my first time, and I had a great time.  The music was beautiful (how could it not be, right?), and 2 of the pieces played were in the movie 'Melancholia'.  So it was cool to have that imagery in my head while watching all of the movements of the players. 

I have to say, watching the collective arm movements of the musicians is one of the coolest things about a classical concert.  It's oddly mesmerizing.

Thankfully, Lindsay's husband agreed to take some photos for us; we just don't have enough of the 2 of us together! 

Off to Brunch, so enjoy your Sunday while it lasts :), ally.


  1. You look like a glamor girl right out of the '40s!