Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a Table Cloth Frock.

1970's 'Tablecloth' Fabrics (Gifted, $0)
Dress  -Made by Me- ($0)
Dusty Rose Tights (UO, $10)
1970's Red Velvet Platforms (Thrifted, $6)


I adore this dress, but man is it wrinkly!  You would think because it's thick tablecloth-like fabric that it would hold up to a little bending, but no sir.  Oh well, from far away it looks fine.  Plus, I don't think many people notice that kind of stuff :). 

I got about 15 new dresses for the shop yesterday!  I even found a 1940's brown plaid dress with 3/4 sleeves.  It's too big for me, but I'm pretty sure I have a friend who would fit into it perfectly ::wink, wink, Lindsay::. 

Oh!  And I found a teal oversized, round train case.  It's hard not to keep this one guys...

So, it's 55 degrees out !?!  This is by far the weirdest winter I've ever experienced; and it's definitely taking a toll on my allergies.  But, on the other hand it's nice to be able to open the store and not be freezing for the first couple hours!

I FINALLY started reading the newest Patti Smith book 'Just Kids', and it is seriously awesome.  I can't put it down.  I'm so glad I sucked it up and shelled out the $16; it's worth it alone to own the pictures the book contains.  I'm just through the first half, which focused on her childhood/early 20's/and her on and off again relationship with the artist Robert Mapplethorpe.  So good!

All my pictures came out kind of blurry today for some reason.  Ahh, electronics.

Netflix Recommendations:

Pulling (Show)
Black Power Mix Tape (Documentary)
Tiny Furniture (Movie)
The Vicious Kind (Movie)
Good Dick (Movie)


See you tomorrow, :)  Ally.


  1. Very cute dress! So impressed you made it yourself :)

    1. Thanks so much Sunjo! I'm following you now :)