Friday, February 17, 2012

Submarine & other Things.

1960's Chain Earrings (Thrifted, $0.50) ---love---
Black Jersey Top (Thrifted)
1970's Leather Daisy Belt (Thrifted, $0.60)
Black Levi's ($25)
1970's Brown Pixie Boots (Thrifted, $3?)


Wow, third black outfit in a row.. how does that happen?? 
Let's blame it on the weather. 
This is one of those days that I usually wouldn't post, due to lack of an interesting -enough- outfit.  But, to that, I say: Bullocks!  I must post!
(Really, I just need a reason to talk about everything else I'm doing, besides getting dressed.)

Can you believe we are at the end of our Winter?  Eesh.  My body was definitely put through the ringer this year as far as weather-induced-ickyness was concerned. 
......Ahh, but the warmth is coming.....
I bought a 70's dress pattern last night, and I CANNOT wait to make it!  It's pretty glorious; what with it's cut-outs, and cool A-Line shape. 


So, all you bloggers out there:  how sad are you that 'Picnik' is shutting down?!  Shoot!
Anybody have any other FREE photo editing website to recommend??



I adored this movie.
The moment I turned it on, I knew I would love it.  Isn't it great when that happens?
The film is based on the main charactor 'Oliver Tate', and follows him through a year of his life. 


Oliver is a quirky (for lack of a better word) high school student, dealing with issues with his home & love life.  The camera work is awesome, and the movie is filled with quick/smart humor.  Even the more serious parts are made lighter by the charactors body language, or quips. 

Such a good movie, and an even better director.

I've been reading the book 'Still the Mind' by Alan Watts. 
At first glance, you would think this book was just your run of the mill 'How to Meditate' books, and it couldn't be further than that. 

He delves into every idea you may have about your mind/your life/your expectations of life, and probes the reader to ask themselves to question why/what they are questioning.
It's an absolute must read for anyone who wants to explore the mind.
My favorite thing about Alan Watts, is that he does not pretend to have any answers (because noone does), and will take himself out of the equation whenever he can.  He is only there to be the voice, to be the writer of the words; solely for them to exist.

I got the book from my local library, so I'm sure it's an easy find.  This is the first book I've read of his, but I've watched countless youtube videos of him speaking/recordings/etc.
My favorite video is:  "Does life need to be Meaningful?" 
He is able to successfully put into words the thoughts & feelings that have always taken up space in my mind.  I'm so terrible at speaking, so it's refreshing to just hear those thoughts being voiced.. know what I mean?

Have a great weekend everyone, ally.

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