Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lazy days.

1940's Black Wool Coat (Yard Sale, $10)
1990's Beaded Choker (Gifted, $0)
1970's? Brown Leaf Sweater (Mom's, $0)
1990's Brown Mini Dress (Thrifted, $3)
Orange Tights
Black Flats

Please excuse the frowns- didn't mean to!

So today is the day- the first coat wearing day that is.  It could've turned the morning into a bleak affair... but not when you get to wear a new (to you) coat for the first time!  I bought this coat at that awesome yard sale (the woman was my sewing doppelganger, I swear to god) I stumbled upon in the dead of summer.  The man was selling every article of clothing for $1- but some random person told him that he could get a ton of money for the coats, so he was charging at least $50 for each one.  I told him I couldn't afford it, but he could tell how much I loved it, so when I tried it on and a group of older women gasped, he let me buy it for $10.  :).  It was a great day- and it's too bad he doesn't know how much this coat will be cherished. 

She made this coat at the clothing company she worked for in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is SO SOFT.

My friend Lindsay came into the store the other day bearing a bag of her jewelry from the 90's.  Now, you guys know how much I love the 90's, so I was in heaven!  She gave me some great stuff- including a pair of troll earrings (!!!  which you will be seeing soon.  And yes, I collected trolls.), some of her oil jewelry (was obsessed when I was in Elementary school), this beaded choker that she made, and a host of other cool goodies.

Right before starting this post, I walked over to a cookie shop and purchased a large coffee.  The first one in a week in fact.  The owner asked me twice if I needed a cap for the cup, which I kindly refused, saying "oh, I'm only a couple stores down, I don't want to waste one".  Then, I entered the shop, sat down, and soon after spilled the ENTIRE coffee ALL OVER the counter, on all the purses, and the carpet.  Listen to the coffee sellers- they know what they're doing people.

fuzzy wuzzy.

Take a look at this sweater :::sigh:::.  How cool is that print??  Thanks for letting me borrow it Mom! 
It's so soft, and perfect for an outfit-lazy day like this :).
Lately, all of my time has been devoted to writing songs, playing guitar, and SEWING.  Sewing, sewing, sewing.  I have a blister from where the scissors meet my hand, temporarily barring me from crafting.  Grrr. 
I've made 2 dresses that I still need to share with you!  I wore the most recent one for a night out on Saturday, and even though it wrinkled a little more than I would like, it still felt and looked great! 
Also, I've been sewing mass amounts of xmas presents, that I wish I could share with you, but can't just in case a receiver of said presents should read this. 

I've never met a choker I didn't love...  Sadly, after my dog collar/choker/goth days (years, ahem), I took a break from wearing/thinking about them.  But my love has been resurrected! 
My first favorite outfit (in Elementary school) was a romper, with an attached skirt, and a built in choker.  After that, built in chokers pretty much ruled my fashion world.  Perhaps I should bring them back?  Muuaahahahaha.

For those of you that live in the area, Jimmy and I will be playing a 45 min acoustic set at 'Grandview Tavern' in Fort Mitchell Sunday night.  Not sure on the exact time, but will let you know, when I know.  It'll be a mix of covers & originals. 

 Can I just say that I am in love with Leonard Cohen?  Well, I am. 
This is the best break up song EVER.  I love his lyrics so much...  He is just perfect.
<3 ally.


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