Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lite Brite.

Pom Pom Headband (DIY, $0)
Dress made with 1970's fabric, w/ a 1970's Pattern
(made by me, $3)
Blue tights
White Cutout Shoes ($1)

Why hello!
I am happily at the end of the neverending weekend.  I went to 3 parties (which were awesome!), played a show (a rusty acoustic one, but good nonetheless), and made lots of presents.  Very productive, but oh so loooong. 
Ah- check out my newest creation! 
I have to admit- this dress is probably the opposite of how I'm feeling clothing-wise, but I still love it :). 
I received the 70's pattern in the mail yesterday, and got to work.  This is the only fabric I had lying around that seemed suitable; and it turned out to be my first knit project!  I've been kind of afraid to start sewing with stretch fabrics- but seriously, it wasn't bad at all.  Just adjust your tension, and your good to go.
I hate that alot of websites make you think you HAVE to buy a serger in order to sew knits- it's so misleading.  And sergers are so expensive... so please, if you sew, just know that you are capable of using your regular sewing machine!

Ha, I love how my tattoo looks like it's glow in the dark, lol. 
So, I made the pom pom headband out of embroidery floss and pom poms.  I basically just sewed each one on.  I thought I was going to have to tie little knots, but by sewing them with the thick embroidery floss, they stay right in place.  It's also cool because then you can move them around to fit the look your going for. 
The first time I wore it, I wrapped it around a giant puff bun, and it looked really cool :).

While I do like the dress, it's just a little too summery to be wearing in early Winter- and seriously, I was like shivering in each picture, haha.  Next, I'm going to make the long version out of a teal velvet.  But I also found a whole spool of deep blue velvet ribbon, so I've been dreaming of using that for another version...  We'll see!

On a sad, sad note- 2 of my favorite Newport businesses have/are going out of business this month, and it's really upsetting.  The historic 'Southgate House' (the best venue in the area, hands down) is leaving after the 1st of the year, and 'the Village', an awesome thrift store just randomly closed its doors yesterday.  What the hey universe?  Why are you targeting Newport??  Bah.  Although, the Southgate House IS moving to another location (thank god), which just happens to be on the street that I live on..  score!! 

Yeah, I had some fun with the editing today...  can you tell?  lol

Yeah, also, I was way too lazy to worry about the proper undergarments that this dress requires..  oops. 

But, I'm inside of a sweater all day, so whatever :).

I keep hearing the song below on sat. radio, and it's grown on me...  Although, the album version is much more rockin'. 

Oh, and thrift univers:  can you please send some vintage black jeans my way?  I've been patient...

Have a great day! ally.


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  1. Love the pattern on that dress!!
    Where is SGH moving to? I'm so sad about the whole ordeal..
    Then The Village?? Like salting a wound! :(